We are...

NIMBLE, where everyone can grow unlimited.

We are networked

Being part of a global company opens up endless internal networking opportunities, reflecting our commitment to connecting with our customers. By collaborating, learning about, and appreciating other teams, we unlock the potential to achieve greater feats together. Building a broader support system hinges on trust, which flourishes through shared understanding.

We are inclusive

RX is a place where opportunity is open to all. As we crave connection, we need to make everyone feel included. Always check your own unconscious bias. Be aware of blind spots and embrace and include the diversity of thought and experience that make life so interesting and creative.

We are magical

What can be more inspiring than bringing people face to face and supporting livelihoods. That first moment when the doors open! Making something from nothing and seeing the result in real life, is the most magical thing we can do. Embrace it, have a blast, and take pride in your work!

We are brave

Trying something new means having to take risks. We want you to place the big bets - play big! And if it doesn’t work out, be good humoured about it, try again and share your learnings so we all feel brave to share ours too.

We have a love of learning

The pace of change will never slow up but we often feel a pull of resistance at first, and that’s normal. But having a love of learning is the key to creativity & innovation and embracing change. We approach challenges from an open mind unconfined by rigid and preconceived thoughts or ways of doing things. Humble enough to learn from others and curious enough to search out and share the new.

We are entrepreneurial

Act like a founder. Having an entrepreneurial ‘owner’ mindset looking for opportunities and feeling empowered to make decisions responsibly.