What it means to be brave at RX

What it means to be brave at RX

B is for Brave in the RX NIMBLE culture code because trying something new means having to take risks. Meet seven award-winning RXers whose willingness to try something different in 2022 and learn from the experience, is helping their customers to grow and their colleagues to deliver.

Christophe Robinson, Operations Director, France

Christophe defines brave. As Operations Director for Batimat 2022, he was responsible for planning and overseeing the movement of the world’s largest construction industry trade show and its co-located events from the north of the city to Porte de Versailles in the heart of the capital. Christophe overcame significant logistical challenges, including venue constraints and city-wide traffic and vehicle pollution regulations, by courageously thinking outside the box. From staggered build-up and breakdown schedules, to dedicated traffic flow software and a major logistical plan to encourage some 5,000 visitors to use trains and buses, his solutions were critical to the success of the events, minimising the logistical headache and environmental impact for exhibitors, contractors, and city authorities alike

Camille Bautista, Event Management Co-ordinator, Philippines

As a member of our event co-ordination team in the Philippines, Camille approaches every task she is assigned with courage and conviction – from personally calling and emailing hundreds of VIP delegates from different countries to attend our events, to onboarding new hires so they can quickly become effective members of the team. Confronted by a dissatisfied delegate who was unable to secure a speaking slot at one of our events, Camille met the customer personally to explain why he could not be accommodated. He went on to express his sincere appreciation to Camille for all her hard work and service. Through such simple yet impactful behaviours Camille has become a role model and an inspiration to the rest of her team.

Alex Wang, Assistant Vice President, China

It takes a skilled and courageous leader to maintain team morale and customer communications through a pandemic, and Alex is that leader. As director of our Converting shows in China, his series of events were postponed no less than three times due to COVID preventative measures. After each postponement, one of which required the team to quarantine for seven days, Alex was able to rebuild team confidence and engagement to the extent they scored 92% for motivation in last year’s Employee Opinion Survey. Committed to delivering value for his customers no matter how challenging the circumstances, Alex also championed the launch of globacorrugated.com enabling them to continue to connect with international buyers while China’s borders were closed for business. Now Alex and his team can’t wait to welcome the global packaging industry to Shanghai from July 12-14 2023 for WEPACK, a mega ‘7 in 1’ event covering the whole packaging industry chain, organised in cooperation with the WPO (World Packaging Organisation).

Abhishek Nautiyal, Operations Manager, India

As Operations Manager, Abhishek is responsible for planning and co-ordinating our event operations in India. His courage and confidence have played a key part in the successful delivery of back-to-back RX shows post-COVID to accommodate previously postponed events. Unphased by a crowded calendar incorporating 2-3 events per month, Abhishek’s ability to keep calm under pressure while letting show teams excel in their tasks is much admired and appreciated. He is respected for his bravery and willingness to take calculated risks to maintain the highest standards of customer experience and safety. And he never says no to a challenge – even stepping up to help with onsite sales if needed!

Andrea Deeley, Head of Content, Australia

Anyone who has worked with Andrea will appreciate her commitment to developing medical content of the highest standard  ̶̶  how she’s always challenging what we do and how we do it, to strive for the best outcome. One notable example is the “Identify and ACT In Obesity Now” event for ThinkGP Live. Having delivered the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) content seven times across Australia in 2022, to over 500 GPs, the eighth and final edition was struck by COVID when two presenters went into isolation just before the event. Andrea quickly pivoted to a hybrid solution ensuring the event was able to go ahead and deliver life changing education for 70 GPs. This wouldn’t have happened without Andrea who did all of this whilst on annual leave. The project was a brave bet in the first place, but Andrea went above and beyond to ensure it was successful.

Yeow Hui Leng, Group Project Director, Singapore

Hui Leng took a huge risk when she decided to proceed with the face-to-face edition of Asia Pacific Maritime (APM) from 16-18 March 2022 when the authorities back-pedalled on their earlier decision to loosen COVID restrictions on 25 Feb 2022. There followed three weeks of uncertainty and concern from exhibitors as they awaited a decision to run APM or not. Just in time, COVID infection rates stabilised and the authorities announced that large scale gatherings could take place up to a maximum of 5,000 people. Having defied the odds and brought back APM, Hui Leng and her team went on to deliver a successful Asia TV Forum & Market (ATF) in December 2022, and to oversee the delivery of the sold-out Inter Airport Southeast Asia in March 2023 after a four-year hiatus. Go Hui Leng!



Shirley Yan, Senior Sales Manager, China

Thanks to the bravery and assurance of sales manager Shirley, over 100 Chinese exporters were able to generate much-needed business at Expomed Eurasia 2022 in Istanbul, despite not being able to leave their country due to COVID. Shirley was determined to convince her customers of the benefits of remote exhibiting – a new RX product designed to help suppliers continue to connect with international customers during the pandemic. Despite initial reservations, Shirley’s courage and conviction, together with the strong support of the show team, convinced 100+ Chinese suppliers of the benefits of a remote exhibitor package including a digital stand, online product showcase, and One2One and round-table digital meetings. It was the largest remote participation from China to any RX event during COVID, and it was all down to Shirley’s persistence and determination to help her customers and colleagues through this difficult time.

The RX NIMBLE culture code provides a platform of six strengths that ensure RX is the best place for our customers to build their businesses – and the best place for ambitious event professionals to build their global event careers.  

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