Beyond the rainbow

Beyond the rainbow

Pride 2023

We are determined to be a workplace destination of choice for talented individuals from all walks of life, and cares deeply about being a true reflection of our customers and the beauty of human diversity. That’s why we encourage and support a growing network of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) - independent, voluntary groups of employees who share common interests around race, gender and LGBTQ+ and want to make a difference in the workplace, and the wider community. 

Our Global Pride Committee is open to all RXers around the globe, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, and is currently comprised of colleagues from France, South Africa, UK, and USA. The group meets monthly and plans programming to help advance our LGBTQIA+ inclusion goals. The primary focus of the group over the past year was to sponsor awareness events to promote LGBTQIA+ allyship, increasing our inclusive brand exposure and hiring from the LGBTQIA+ community, and consulting the business around employee policies and practices related to LGBTQIA+ equity. 

Our 2020 – 2025 inclusion goals include improving LGBTQIA+ data collection and taking actions to foster an LGBTQIA+ supportive workplace, tracked through employee surveys and participation in relevant external benchmarking. 

What we're proud of

Co-Chaired organization of RELX’s participation in the 50th London Pride March 

"We will be taking part in London Pride again this year, representing RX with colleagues from across RELX. It’s important to remember that the reason Pride is celebrated in June is to honour the Stonewall Uprising, that happened in New York in June 1969.  Pride Events are definitely celebrations, but they are also a reminder that the rights of marginalised people are increasingly under threat and by taking part we are standing with those who work to achieve equal justice and against those who would work to take away our human rights." Adam Cartledge, Global Head of Sales Talent, RX UK

Orchestrated our membership with myGwork, an LGBTQIA+ networking platform, with activities including:

  • 6 RX I&D articles created on myGwork, with 37,127 views 
  • 4,533 myGwork user click-throughs to RX I&D related articles on LinkedIn 
  • 11,624 job views and 670 clicks on apply from myGwork users 
  • Simon Mayle, Event Director – PROUD Experiences, was featured panelist in myGwork LGBTQIA+ travel event 

Produced a Pride Month awareness event to promote Trans and Non-Binary awareness: Fireside Chat, “Living and Working as a Member of the Trans Community”, with special guests, Rachel Reese and Emma Cusdin from Global Butterflies, moderated by Marzena Budek, Pride Lead – All-In UK ERG 

Our Pride Chapter in the US engaged our colleagues in a number of activities over the past year, which included:

Six events supporting LGBTQIA+ equity, including four education-based, and two community-building and networking-focused. Topics included, “A Conversation on Supporting your LGBTQ+ Child”, with Polly O’Brien Morrow, “Queerness as a Superpower for Behavior and Change”, with Meghan Crutchley, and “How to Survive Holiday Grinches”

  • Sponsored a collection drive for our charitable partner, Kids-In-Crisis 
  • Co-sponsored an intersectional event with RX US AAN and Women Connected Chapters: “Allyship and Difficult Conversations” 

All-In Mexico’s Pride Committee sponsored several LGBTQIA+ initiatives, including: 

  • Screened the documentary, “Secret Love” 
  • Participated in the Mexico City Pride March 

What's next?

  • Improving LGBTQIA+ data collection and taking actions to foster an LGBTQIA+ supportive workplace, tracked through employee surveys and participation in relevant external benchmarking. 
  • Conduct an internal assessment, using the United Nations Human Rights benchmarking to help identify priorities for 2023 and beyond.
  • Our RXers will be featured in articles being published in DIVA and Attitude magazines, in collaboration with our sibling company, LexisNexis Risk Solutions.
  • We will sponsor two education and awareness events in 2023, including “Unlearn to Rethink” during June Pride Month.
  • We will expand our engagement with myGwork to continue to increase our inclusive brand exposure and hiring from the Community through myGwork member benefits, including campaigns, feature articles, speaking engagements, and tracking applicants from myGwork job site. 
  • Pride USA has prioritized bringing their focus toward building community and safe spaces for all employees in 2023.
  • All-In Mexico will actively promote bringing LGBTQIA+ inclusivity to our Mexico events and will continue to promote a culturally diverse and inclusive workplace, to be facilitators of change in RX! 
"I genuinely believe that we are making a difference to the LGBTQ traveller experience through RX’s PROUD Experiences event. Destinations and hotels are adapting their offerings to be more welcoming and truly make everyone feel like they belong everywhere. We are helping allies understand that more can be done and we’re helping hospitality companies to become advocates, even in countries where it’s still illegal to be gay."
Simon Mayle, Events Director, RX UK
"Pride to me, means a lack of shame, lack of apology for who you are. It is about being your authentic self. It is about celebrating identity and individuality. It is also about honouring those that came before us, who fought for the safe spaces that we have today, and for those that continue to do. It is because of them, I don't have to silence my voice, and I don't have to be afraid to speak out. Being part of the RX family where diversity is not only accepted but celebrated, I know that my voice is heard. In those moments, I am the most proud of my identity."
Adam Cartledge, Global Head of Sales Talent, RX UK
"To me, pride is knowing I can bring being trans to work and not hide it. I can tell people how I actually feel when I come in each morning - how transphobia and transmisogyny in news and media actually affects myself and my community on a day-to-day basis and I know that my colleagues will listen, respect that and stand with me."
Marzena Budek, Backend Platform Developer

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