Inclusion & Diversity Report 2022

Inclusion and Diversity at RX

2022 Report

Thrive Wherever You Are, Whoever You Are...

A message from Ray Rhodes

Head of Inclusion & Diversity

We are celebrating two years of focused Inclusion and Diversity work here at RX. Since being appointed Head of Inclusion and Diversity in April of 2021, I have been overwhelmed by the number of colleagues who have joined together on our journey of building a solid foundation of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEI&B) at our organization!

We began this work with an intense internal focus. Our Executive and Senior leaders have devoted many hours learning about Unconscious Bias, Inclusive Leadership, and Psychological Safety, and have stepped up to serve as Executive Sponsors for our Global Inclusion Council, Global Diversity Committees, and our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) across the organization. We’ve established a network of over 180 passionate colleagues from different levels and functional groups, who drive our DEI&B work through various volunteer groups.

At RX, we are actively engaged in driving programming to help achieve RELX’s 2020 – 2025 Inclusion Goals established for Race & Ethnicity, Gender Equity, LGBTQIA+, Disability, and Inclusive Workplace.

RX Inclusion Goals, 2020 – 2025

Race and Ethnicity

Increase the racial and ethnic diversity of our workforce continually over time.


Improve LGBTQ+ data collection, clear action on fostering an LGBTQ+-supportive workplace tracked through employee surveys and participation in relevant external benchmarking.


Improve disability data collection, clear action on fostering a disability-supportive workplace tracked through employee surveys and participation in relevant external benchmarking.


Increase the percentage of women in management, senior leadership, and technology roles continually over time.

Inclusive Workplace

Establish minimum global standards in areas such as flexible working and parental leave.

Continue impactful global inclusion training and track effectiveness, including through employee surveys.

Drive engagement on inclusion across RX and RELX, with leadership involvement and grassroots employee participation including through Employee Resource Groups.

Robust inclusion metrics, external benchmarking, and disclosure on progress toward inclusion goals.

We’re progressing these goals with strong executive leadership support, and through the tireless work of our many volunteer organization partners.

RX Global Inclusion Council

Alexandra Smyth

General Counsel and Head of Human Resources

Executive Co-Chair

Michele Tiley-Hill

Chief Financial Officer

Executive Co-Chair

The RX Global Inclusion Council is a global advisory council that works to ensure RX is a great place to work, where our employees feel valued, have equal opportunities, and benefit from pay equality, regardless of their gender, gender identity, national origin, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, age, or disability status.

The Council meets quarterly to review progress against our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging objectives and strategies. The group identifies, develops, and monitors overall DEI&B strategy objectives and initiatives to ensure accountability and implementation across RX.

Colleagues from 19 countries serve as I&D Champions on the Council. They represent each RX office and provide important local cultural context to all DEI&B programming introduced to the business. In 2021, I&D Champions played a critical role in delivering I&D Foundations training within markets where DEI&B were less-familiar topics. In 2022, I&D Champions were instrumental in driving engagement in DEI&B programming, including arranging watch party events for our 2022 RELX Global I&D Conference, Be You – Belong. I&D Champions also led ERG launches in the UK, Mexico, and France in 2022!

Elora Wang

Executive Assistant to SVP and Admin. Supervisor, RX Beijing

Member, RX Global Inclusion Council/I&D Champion, Beijing

"We spend much of our time at work, so I am hoping to do something to help create an equal, safe, and inclusive work environment. I am one person, but I feel that it’s important to do something in order to achieve results step by step. As a member of the RX Global Inclusion Council, it also gives me an opportunity to share what is inclusive and how to be inclusive."

Martin Hiller

Event Director, FAME Week Africa

Member, RX Global Inclusion Council/I&D Champion, RX Africa and Member, RX Global Pride Committee

Serving on an Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) committee is important to me because it aligns with my core values and aspirations. It allows me to actively promote inclusivity, drive positive change, and amplify underrepresented voices. By advocating for diversity, I believe we can cultivate innovation, creativity, and build stronger communities. I am passionate about creating an environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and has equal opportunities to thrive. Being part of an I&D committee gives me the platform to contribute to a more equitable and just society, where diverse perspectives are embraced and celebrated.

Lunita (Lulu) Mendoza

Executive Producer, RX Singapore

Member, RX Global Inclusion Council/I&D Champion, Singapore

I’m of mixed race, with an extended family of various religions. I have crossed cultures and traditions my entire life, and have seen the horrors, as well as the richness of diversity. This traverses with my belief in contributing positively to support efforts that seek to a better society and promote our shared humanity—repair the world as it were, and to inspire others in their own commitment to build a better future. Blessed with the abundance of diversity my entire life, I hope to pay it forward where I can.

Min Chen

Vice President, Human Resources, RX China

Member, RX Global Inclusion Council/HR Advisor, APAC All-In Diversity Committee

I’m currently serving the role as HR Adviser in APAC All-In Diversity Committee. My I&D journey started when I volunteered myself as HR Sponsor in Global Race & Ethnicity Committee in 2021.  My volunteering was out of curiosity at the very beginning.  I heard a lot of RX stories about I&D, but very few from APAC, not to mention China.  Even in the China market, the I&D practice rolled out by US and European companies operating in China before 2021 was numbered.  I’m eager to learn from my colleagues in the committee. By joining the committee and taking an I&D leadership role, is to make the committee more diversified.  Meanwhile, my presence in the committee also attracted colleagues in the region to explore what’s I&D and motivated the participation in the committee.  For example, we only had 3 I&D Champions from China in Global Inclusion Council in 2021.  And as of today, we have 10 representatives in the APAC All-In Diversity Committee.  This is the 1st step to raise the awareness. My team and I are committed to promote diversity in our workforce.

Shradha Malik

Project Manager, RX India

Member, RX Global Inclusion Council/I&D Champion – RX India

As an Indian, I am proud to say that I come from a land which is diverse in every sense, from different languages to different cultures. For me, being a part of the I&D Group is a way to celebrate and encourage diversity in the sphere of life. Inclusivity gives way to uniqueness to everyday things.

At the end of the day, the most important aspect for me is that we are working towards a great goal - making our workplace a place where the employees feel valued and are more comfortable between diverse backgrounds & abilities.

Myriam Laville

Conference Manager, Entertainment Division – RX France

Member, RX Global Inclusion Council/I&D Champion RX France & Italy

Being an I&D champion at RX France was important to me because representation matters and Inclusion & Diversity are values I hold very close to my heart. I felt like this position was the occasion to make my voice heard and also the ones of the people we don’t hear as often in the workplace. I am convinced that with more representation and visibility, even in the workplace, our society will change toward a more inclusive space, and I want to be part of the changing process. 

Global Diversity Committees

There are six Global Diversity Committees at RX:

Our Global Diversity Committees help drive RX’s achievement of our Inclusion Goals around Race & Ethnicity, Gender Equity, LGBTQIA+ and Gender Identity, Disability, and Age Diversity. Committee members meet monthly to organize, execute, and oversee programs that are designed to drive equitable practices for people in underrepresented communities, both internally (colleagues) and externally (job candidates, vendors, customers), and to support people in underrepresented diversity dimensions in the communities in which we live and where our company operates.

Over the course of 2021 and 2022, our Global Diversity Committees have supported important programming for their specific diversity dimensions, including partnering with the Head of Inclusion & Diversity to perform gap analyses and identify practical solutions to address challenges. Read on for more information regarding our achievements championed by our Global Diversity Committees.

Our Employee Resource Groups

ERGs are grassroots volunteer groups of employees in local markets, who share common interests, with a vital role in ensuring an inclusive environment where all are valued, included, and empowered to succeed. Our local ERG members share perspectives and gain insights about one another and the workplace and enable DEI&B strategy by fostering an inclusive workplace.

RX has grown from 1 ERG in 2019 to 10 active ERGs!

Americas Employee Resource Groups

-  All-In Brazil (est. 2021)

-  All-In Mexico (est. 2022)

-  African Ancestry Network (AAN), USA (est. 2020)

-  Pride, USA (est. 2019)

- Women Connected, USA (est. 2021)

Europe Employee Resource Groups

-  All-In UK (est. 2022)

-  Women Connected, France (est. 2022)

APAC Employee Resource Groups

-  EQU-al-ITY (gender equity), Australia (est. 2021)

-  First Nations, Australia (est. 2021)

-  Rainbow Network/Pride, Australia (est. 2021)

Read on for more information regarding our achievements championed by our ERGs.

Race & Ethnicity

Alinne Rosa - Vice President, Human Resources, Americas and Executive Sponsor, Global Race & Ethnicity Committee

Alinne Rosa - Vice President, Human Resources, Americas and Executive Sponsor, Global Race & Ethnicity Committee

Oliver's House Non-Profit

Oliver's House Non-Profit

Research in Color Non-Profit

Research in Color Non-Profit

Black Young Professionals Network

Black Young Professionals Network

Global Race & Ethnicity Committee (GREC)

Our representation of employees in the USA who identify as minority ethnicities grew from 20.8% YE 2021 to 22.3% YE 2022.

The GREC focuses on three key pillars for RX:

1.  Employee Education

2. Growing Representation

3.  Impacting Communities

The GREC has managed all due diligence and directed RX’s pledge to donate $1 million over the course of five years to select global not-for-profits committed to growing racial equity in communities that RX serves. The committee has directed funds and managed relationships with our nine global not-for-profit partners:


GO Foundation


ADUS Institute

Business Initiative for Racial Equality

South Africa


Oliver’s Village

United Kingdom

The Racial Justice Network

Heritage Corner, Leeds

United States

A Better Chance, Darien

Research in Color Foundation

The GREC holds these organizations accountable for properly directing funds and leverages our relationships with them to produce an annual Global Race Forum, a 90-minute learning session, open to all RELX employees, featuring speakers and students impacted by our funding. Our February 2023 session, on the topic of Growing Racial Equality Through Education, was attended by over 300 colleagues, and is available on-demand, with captions in nine different languages.

The GREC has also introduced these not-for-profit partners to our local ERG Leaders and supports their ongoing engagement with our employees. The All-In Brazil ERG, for example, has developed a mutually beneficial relationship with ADUS Institute, where a Nigerian refugee is now teaching English lessons in our Sao Paulo office to a group of our colleagues.

Honor with Action

In February 2022, a work group of 10 key leaders in our US business was established to honor Black History Month by taking action to increase representation of Colleagues of Color at RX USA. This Honor with Action initiative has resulted in several key actions:

Established partnership with Waterside School for Leadership. This K-12 school is comprised of students from underserved communities in the Stamford, Connecticut area, and has a robust alumni support program, which follows students from graduation, to college, to employment. In the summer of 2023, RX will devote 7 of our paid summer intern spots to Waterside alumni! We’ll also partner with Waterside to deliver career guidance events for students (ex. resume preparation).

Established partnership with BYP (Black Young Professionals) Network. BYP is a business community dedicated to advancing the careers of Black professionals. They facilitate networking, mentoring, up-skilling, and employment for over 150,000 community members through 1,000+ organizations, across various communication channels and with over 20 countries, with focus areas including the UK, USA, and Africa. We will promote our open jobs directly on BYP’s employment site, and raise our brand profile via BYP newsletters, and in-person and online events throughout the year, including partner-focused webinars and masterclasses, panel discussions and interviews, networking events, US summits and the annual flagship Leadership Conference in London. We’ll mentor 10 BYP connections from the UK and USA in H2 2023.

African Ancestry Network (AAN) ERG, USA

The AAN ERG directed a number of events and initiatives to promote inclusivity over the course of 2022, including:

Black History Month Watch Parties (Uncorked, Passing)

Juneteenth Celebration

Career Stories event featuring colleagues across RELX

- Allyship and Difficult Conversations (intersectional event external speakers, in partnership with RXUS Pride and RXUS Women Connected ERGs)

- Sponsored Day in the Life of an RX’er event with Waterside School; hosted Waterside Alumni for a day at NY Comic Con.

The AAN is focusing their 2023 efforts around expanding our relationship with Waterside School, including fundraising, summer internships (as noted in our Honor with Action update), and student mentorship. They will also continue employee education and engagement programming, and promoting recruitment, retention, and career growth of colleagues of African Ancestry.

All-In Brazil ERG

All-In Brazil’s REACH Committee (Race, Ethnicity, and Cultural Heritage) hosted an event with guest speaker, Marcelo Haydu, from ADUS Institute, on the topic of Refugees and Hospitality. The committee also partnered with ADUS institute to offer English classes to 12 RX Brazil employees. The classes are being taught by a Nigerian refugee, assisting him with acclimating to Brazilian culture.

All-In Mexico ERG

All-In Mexico’s REACH Committee hosted a gastronomic event, Knowing Us from Our Roots, where employees shared traditional dishes that are the essence of their individual families and cultures.


All-In UK’s REACH Committee is sponsoring the dedication of a new Interfaith Prayer/Reflection/Meditation Room in the Richmond, UK office.

Gender Equity

Our gender balance at RX is 58.6% women, 49% of our people-managers are women, and our Executive Leadership “bench” is 46.3% women, as of YE 2022. RX expanded engagement in the RELX Women in Tech Mentorship Program from 7 participants in 2021 to 17 participants in 2022.

Global Gender Equity Committee (GGEC)

The Global Gender Equity Committee is open to all colleagues around the globe, regardless of gender identity, and is currently comprised of colleagues from Brazil, France, Mexico, UAE, UK, and USA. The group meets monthly and plans programming to help advance our gender equity inclusion goals. The primary focus of the group over the past year was to promote gender equity through information and education, supporting gender equity ERG launches, and consulting the business around employee policies and practices related to gender equity.

Highlights of work of the GGEC include:

-  Bringing the need for standard Anti-Harassment Policies for our shows to the forefront. Clearly stated policies are being implemented across our events in the Americas, and broader implementation will continue over the coming months.

-  In September 2022, the GGEC supported the launch of our newest ERG, RX France Women Connected! The launch was attended by more than 70 RX France colleagues, with guests that included the Chairs from other RELX Women Connected chapters in France.

-  In October 2022, the GGEC launched a Menopause Awareness campaign in partnership with LexisNexis Risk Solutions. The launch included global communications to all RX employees to raise awareness of menopause and to connect colleagues with valuable online tools for providing an inclusive and supportive working environment for everyone, and to foster an environment in which colleagues can openly and comfortably initiate conversations or engage in discussions about menopause.

-  In January 2023, the GGEC hosted an event, Why Men Win at Work, with author Gill Whitty-Collins. The event was attended by over 400 colleagues across RX and is available for employee viewing on-demand.

The Global Gender Equity Committee will continue to support and connect our Gender ERGs, including new launches on the horizon. The group will also drive the launch of a new RX Sponsorship Program in 2023 to help enable the movement of high potential women through the organization.

Gabby Appleton Chief Digital Project Officer, Executive Sponsor, Global Gender Equity Committee

Gabby Appleton Chief Digital Project Officer, Executive Sponsor, Global Gender Equity Committee

Gender Balance: 58.6% Women to 41.4% Men

Gender Balance: 58.6% Women to 41.4% Men

GGEC Hosted Event on Gender Equity at Work

GGEC Hosted Event on Gender Equity at Work

All-In Brazil ERG

All-In Brazil’s Gender Equity Committee supported several gender equity initiatives, including the first Forum of Women in Transport and Logistics at FENATRAN in November 2022. This initiative aims to spotlight the projects of the transport and logistics industry on behalf of women’s inclusion. Seven women from the industry were speakers at the forum.

All-In Mexico ERG

All-In Mexico’s Gender Equity Committee sponsored several initiatives and events centered around equitable treatment of women in the workplace and society, including:

Screening of “Bombshell” to raise awareness about sexual harassment against women

“Micro-Machismos” workshop, exploring micro-machismos in our day to day, and commitments we can make to change

“Elimination of Violence Against Women” campaign, in conjunction with International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

Women Connected ERG, France

We are proud to have launched our newest ERG, Women Connected, France, in September 2022! The Chapter launched later in the year but made an immediate impact with a moving launch event, where members of the WC Leadership Board shared stories of navigating their careers, and challenges they faced along the way, based on their gender. The event was attended by over 70 employees.

In December, Women Connected, France, welcomed external speaker, Florence Sandis, who spoke on the topic, “Does Leadership Have a Gender?”.

The ERG will fully focus their attention in 2023 on their key mission to promote the professional potential of RX France women, through engaging external speakers and numerous social gatherings and events. The group will also continue to promote gender equity in our shows, with significant progress already being made through equity initiatives at mipim (41% female speakers in 2023), Paris Photo (Elles x Paris Photo), and mipcom (Diversity TC Excellence Awards).

Women Connected ERG, USA

The Women Connected ERG directed a number of events and initiatives to promote gender equity and inclusivity over the course of 2022, including:

Recognizing RX Women to Watchpeer-nominated awards recognizing 11 exceptional women at RX in a variety of categories including: “Beyond the Call of Duty”, “Game Changer” and “How Does She Do It All?”. Attended by over 50 employees F2F and an additional 60 employees online. Awards were presented as a 2023 kick-off with great engagement and energy!

Roundtable Discussion: Supporting Gender Equity in Leadership – attended by over 100 employees, featured female leaders across the RX US business and highlighted their unique paths to leadership roles and an honest discussion about challenges faced.

Women's Health Event: Breast Cancer, Menopause, and Other Resources – RX survivors and partners shared their stories and resources to make sure women at RX are empowered to take their health into their own hands and feel support.

Women’s Mentoring Network – held a year-long drive for toiletries and a Holiday “Clear the List” event for this local charity serving women and children in need in Fairfield County.

The ERG will place a greater focus on community engagement in 2023, with a true mentoring program and feeder program for employment at RX. RXUS Women Connected will also engage in succession planning and sponsorship for up-and-coming leaders, engage more men/allies on the Women Connected Leadership Board, and plan more face to face and peer networking opportunities.


Adam Cartledge Director, Global Sales Enablement Executive Sponsor, Global Pride Committee

Adam Cartledge Director, Global Sales Enablement Executive Sponsor, Global Pride Committee

myGwork business community members

myGwork business community members


At RX, our 2020 – 2025 inclusion goals include improving LGBTQIA+ data collection and taking actions to foster an LGBTQIA+ supportive workplace, tracked through employee surveys and participation in relevant external benchmarking.

Global Pride Committee (GPC)

The Global Pride Committee is open to all colleagues around the globe, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, and is currently comprised of colleagues from France, South Africa, UK, and USA. The group meets monthly and plans programming to help advance our LGBTQIA+ inclusion goals. The primary focus of the group over the past year was to sponsor awareness events to promote LGBTQIA+ allyship, increasing our inclusive brand exposure and hiring from the LGBTQIA+ community, and consulting the business around employee policies and practices related to LGBTQIA+ equity.

Highlights of work of the GPC include:

-  Produced a Pride Month awareness event to promote Trans and Non-Binary awareness: Fireside Chat, “Living and Working as a Member of the Trans Community”, with special guests, Rachel Reese and Emma Cusdin from Global Butterflies, moderated by Marzena Budek, Pride Lead – All-In UK ERG

-  Co-Chaired organization of RELX’s participation in the 50th London Pride March

-  Orchestrated our membership with myGwork, an LGBTQIA+ networking platform, with activities including:

-   6 RX I&D articles created on myGwork, with 37,127 views

-   4,533 myGwork user click-throughs to RX I&D related articles on LinkedIn

-   11,624 job views and 670 clicks on apply from myGwork users

-   Simon Mayle, Event Director – PROUD Experiences, was featured panelist in myGwork LGBTQIA+ travel event

The Global Pride Committee is conducting an internal assessment, using the United Nations Human Rights benchmarking to help identify priorities for 2023 and beyond. Our colleagues will be featured in articles being published in DIVA and Attitude magazines, in collaboration with our sibling company, LexisNexis Risk Solutions, and we will sponsor two education and awareness events in 2023, including “Unlearn to Rethink” during June Pride Month. We will expand our engagement with myGwork to continue to increase our inclusive brand exposure and hiring from the Community through myGwork member benefits, including campaigns, feature articles, speaking engagements, and tracking applicants from myGwork job site.

Pride ERG, USA

Our Pride Chapter in the US engaged our colleagues in a number of activities over the past year, which included:

-  Six events supporting LGBTQIA+ equity, including four education-based, and two community-building and networking-focused. Topics included, “A Conversation on Supporting your LGBTQ+ Child”, with Polly O’Brien Morrow, “Queerness as a Superpower for Behavior and Change”, with Meghan Crutchley, and “How to Survive Holiday Grinches”.

- Sponsored a collection drive for our charitable partner, Kids-In-Crisis

-  Co-sponsored an intersectional event with RX US AAN and Women Connected Chapters: “Allyship and Difficult Conversations”

The Chapter has prioritized bringing their focus toward building community and safe spaces for all employees in 2023. The Chapter will also actively promote the Voluntary Self-Identification initiative when launched in the USA.

All-In Mexico ERG

All-In Mexico’s Pride Committee sponsored several LGBTQIA+ initiatives, including:

-  Screened the documentary, “Secret Love”

- Participated in the Mexico City Pride March

Mexico City Pride Parade

Mexico City Pride Parade

All-In Mexico will actively promote bringing LGBTQIA+ inclusivity to our Mexico events and will continue to promote a culturally diverse and inclusive workplace, to be facilitators of change in RX!


At RX, our 2020 – 2025 inclusion goals include improving disability data collection, including allowing employees to self-identify, and taking actions to foster a disability supportive workplace, tracked through employee surveys and participation in relevant external benchmarking.

Global RX Enabled Committee

The RX Enabled Committee is open to all colleagues around the globe, regardless of disability status, and is currently comprised of colleagues from France, UAE, UK, and USA. The group meets monthly and plans programming to help advance our disability inclusion goals. The primary focus of the group over the past year was to raise awareness and create safety around conversations related to disability and consulting the business around employee and customer policies and practices related to disability inclusion.

Highlights of work of the RX Enabled Committee include:

-  Launched the “Help Me to Help You” campaign, featuring the compelling, personal story of the journey of our former Global Executive Sponsor for RX Enabled, Merilyne Davies, navigating her career and her own disability

-  Formed the RELX Executive Enabled Committee, bringing Disability executive sponsors from across RELX together to collaborate on important programming, including consulting around the disability component of the Voluntary Self-Identification initiative

-  Hosted an awareness event, “Magic for All – Making Our Events Accessible”, featuring guest speaker, Austin Whitney, President and Founder of Ten Fifty Entertainment, the leading provider of Accessibility and Guest Service programs in the USA. Austin shared his expertise on accessible events and easy-to-apply practical tips and takeaways for our events. Topics included: the importance of accessible events and removing stigma around disability, health and safety, legal requirements, commercial impact, digital accessibility, use of language and disability etiquette, and importance of adaptability.

RX led a two-part RELX event honoring International Day for Persons with Disabilities in 2022: “How to Create a Safe and Welcoming Work Environment for People with Disabilities” on November 29, and “How to Make Meetings Accessible for People with Disabilities” on December 1.

RX Enabled will continue to encourage RX leaders to improve provisions for People with Disabilities, support RX leaders in developing, deploying, and communicating, and represent People with Disabilities in the development of RX policies and processes. We aim to raise the profile of People with Disabilities by ensuring accessibility is on the agenda, in the meeting, and top of mind.

The Committee will put a light structure in place (complex and broad, practical and technical, cross-functional, measurement), and support operational responsibility. We’ll utilize resources available to us through the Business Disability Forum (not for profit), including advice service, their Knowledge Hub, and their Disability Smart Framework, to conduct an internal assessment to help us scale and focus on improvements.

And, finally, we will expand our engagement with the rest of the event industry on event good practice. Committee members will visit select events to assess accessibility, meet with venue partners to learn more about their accessibility priorities, and join industry roundtable discussions to help drive improvements.

Julian Barker Global Strategy Director and Executive Sponsor, RX Enabled

Julian Barker Global Strategy Director and Executive Sponsor, RX Enabled

All-In Brazil ERG

On October 31, 2022, All-In Brazil’s Enabled Committee invited all RX vendors to a meeting at Sao Paulo Expo to engage them in diversity hiring. The Committee created a scorecard to measure the vendors’ activity hiring transgender, refugees, Black, and People with Disabilities workers. RX’s purchasing department will consider diversity representation as a plus when vetting potential vendors.

All-In Mexico ERG

The All-In Mexico ERG has sponsored several events to raise awareness and support of People with Disabilities, including:

- Conducted “The ABCs of Disability” workshop, featuring a visually impaired guest speaker

-  Screened the movie, “Wonder”, to raise awareness about inclusion and empathy for People with Disabilities

Moving Forward

Announcing a new ERG: APAC All-Dimension Diversity Committee

The APAC All-Dimension Diversity Committee was established in March 2023 to provide support and counsel around all dimensions of diversity in RX’s Asia Pacific Region, and to allow colleagues from the region to actively engage in Global Diversity Committee initiatives during their normal business hours.

Committee members from RX Australia, China, Indonesia, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam will meet monthly to plan programming that will advance our inclusion goals for this region, including launching at least one Employee Resource Group (ERG) in Asia in 2023. The Committee will also actively engage in planning APAC-relevant content for RELX’s quarterly Inspiring Inclusion series.

Fleur Kearns Vice President, Human Resources, Asia Pacific and Executive Sponsor, APAC All-Dimension Diversity Committee

Fleur Kearns Vice President, Human Resources, Asia Pacific and Executive Sponsor, APAC All-Dimension Diversity Committee

Inclusive Workplace

RX is advancing our 2020 – 2025 inclusion goal for Inclusive Workplace by driving the aforementioned programs, supporting, developing and sustaining our volunteer organizations, and integrating Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging principles into our employees’ functional roles and responsibilities. Below are some of the programs we are delivering, and metrics that are driven by these programs.

Unconscious Bias Awareness Training:

As of February 2022, 85% of RX people-managers across 19 countries have completed Unconscious Bias Awareness training. Our top three scoring Employee Opinion Survey (EOS) questions in September 2022 were:

1.       My manager is receptive to my ideas and opinions, 86% favorable

2.       My manager encourages teamwork and collaboration, 86% favorable

3.       I work in an environment that is free from harassment and discrimination, 85% favorable

In 2023, we will launch a new Unconscious Bias to Conscious Inclusion program, which all RX employees will be required to complete.

Inclusive Leadership Training:

In Q4 2022 and Q1 2023, we partnered with the NeuroLeadership Institute to bring the INCLUDE Program to our Senior and HR Leadership teams. 94% of our Senior and HR Leaders completed the course, with a 57.14 Net Promoter Score.

The INLUDE Program explores unlocking the benefits of a diverse and inclusive culture through inclusive habits that elevate the collective IQ of teams and lead to improved results, creating teams that actively seek to help each other, ensuring our employees feel safe to take risks, make mistakes, and show up as their authentic selves, and creating a culture of belonging where new and experienced employees feel engaged and included.

Inclusive Hiring Training:

Over 90% of RX people-managers completed the Inclusive Hiring Program in 2022. This program is part of a series of actions we are taking to remove bias from our recruitment process, so that we continue to attract the best talent, wherever and whoever they are!

Psychological Safety:

Psychological Safety is the belief that one will not be punished or humiliated for speaking up with ideas, question, concerns, or admitting mistakes. Cultures that have higher levels of Psychological Safety are more inclusive and innovative.

In September 2021, we introduced the concepts of Psychological Safety to RX through a series of email communications and online tools, and in 2022, we delivered Psychological Safety team workshops to several key teams within the organization.

In February 2023, we surveyed all RX employees, and our organizational score was 74% safe. We will introduce new learning tools for leaders and teams to help them improve levels of safety over time and will measure and report our progress annually.

Global Inclusion & Diversity Conference:

In October 2022, RX sponsored the RELX Global I&D and ERG Conference, Be You – BELONG, bringing together colleagues from across RELX (RX, Elsevier, LexisNexis Risk Solutions, LexisNexis Legal & Professional, and RELX Corporate). The two-day global conference was open to all RELX employees on day one, and all ERG Leaders on day two. Highlights of the conference included:

A message from our CEO Hugh Jones

At RX, every colleague plays a critical role in cultivating and sustaining a psychologically safe team culture, where Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging are core elements. Every voice is important. Every perspective is unique and essential. RX is built by people who aren't afraid to make mistakes and learn from them in order to create incredible, magical experiences for our customers and to grow their careers with us.

I am excited to continue this journey of creating more diverse and inclusive experiences for each other, and for our customers, in the coming months and years.

We owe a great debt of gratitude to our Global Inclusion Council Leaders and I&D Champions, ERG Leaders in our local markets, and Global Diversity Committee members, who work tirelessly every day to drive our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging programs. Thank you to each and every one of you.