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Sustainable Fenasucro & Agrocana: the trade show will be powered with 100% clean energy


The energy consumed over the four days of the event in Sertãozinho (SP/Brazil), from August 15 to 18, will be produced from sugarcane biomass.

Brazil, July 2023 - Promoting initiatives that strengthen the commitment to sustainability, all the electricity consumed during Fenasucro & Agrocana will come from a clean, 100% renewable and certified source. The initiative, in partnership with Toniello Energia, energy trader of the Viralcool Group, is aligned with the mission of RX Brasil, organizer and promoter of the trade show together with CEISE Br, to become ever more ecological. In addition to being powered with clean energy, the trade show will also provide five charging stations for electric and hybrid cars at zero cost to users.

According to Antônio Eduardo Tonielo Filho, director of Toniello Energia, the energy consumed over the four days of the event – from August 15 to 18, 2023, at the Zanini Events Center in Sertãozinho (SP) – will be produced from sugarcane biomass, which helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions and provides a significant reduction in costs, which can be greater than 30%.

“We have been selling energy to Brazil for 20 years. As Fenasucro & Agrocana works to promote the bioenergy sector, nothing better than to supply it with clean, non-polluting and cheap energy. This is an important partnership for the entire chain,” Tonielo emphasizes.

Promoting the bioenergy chain

By using 100% clean energy for the trade show, Fenasucro & Agrocana confirms and promotes Brazil as a global reference in the production of bioelectricity and promotes the entire bioenergy chain.

“The idea is to show the closing of the cycle, the equipment, services and solutions sold at Fenasucro & Agrocana for the cogeneration of electricity which, in turn, produce clean energy for some of these same energy-free consumers (who can negotiate the purchase of energy). With the opening of the free energy market starting in 2024, more than 90% of the exhibitors at the trade show will be served by a clean energy source,” explains Eduardo Peres, Toniello Group energy executive.

This year, more than 800 brands are confirmed, which will present equipment, services, solutions, new technologies and trends for the sector. The expectation is to receive more than 42,000 visitors from all around Brazil and from 47 other countries, in addition to 100% of Brazilian plants.

Other sustainable actions

Among the actions to promote sustainability, the trade show schedule also includes the awarding of Green Energy Seal certificates by UNICA (Brazilian Sugarcane Industry and Bioenergy Association), with the mission of encouraging and expanding the participation of bioelectricity in Brazilian energy matrix. The seal is issued to plants that satisfy energy efficiency criteria, in addition to good sustainable agricultural and industrial practices.

Moreover, five charging stations will be installed at the trade show for charging electric and hybrid vehicles, representing a clean alternative to vehicles powered by non-renewable fuels derived from oil, gas or coal.

For Paulo Montabone, the director of Fenasucro & Agrocana, the trade show has the role of promoting and launching trends and new products and technologies in the market, in addition to promoting the bioenergy chain.

“With this project to be supplied with 100% clean energy, we will be a bioenergy trade show using bioenergy to power it. What Fenasucro & Agrocana considers to be a trend ends up being a reality," Montabone explains.


Registration is now open for the 29th edition of Fenasucro & Agrocana. You can register for free online using the respective links for visitors, press and consultants.

About Fenasucro & Agrocana

Fenasucro & Agrocana (International Bioenergy Trade Show) will hold its 29th edition from August 15 to 18, 2023, at the Centro de Eventos Zanini in Sertãozinho (SP). The event, held by CEISE Br and promoted and organized by RX Brasil, is the largest and only event in the world exclusively dedicated to the entire bioenergy production chain. Every year, the event brings together thousands of professionals in the sugar/energy, food and beverage, pulp and paper, transport and logistics sectors as well as energy distributors and traders from Brazil and 42 other countries around the world.

About RX

RX builds business for individuals, communities and organizations. We use the power of in-person events in conjunction with data and digital products to connect people by offering experiences and business opportunities in more than 400 events held in 22 countries and for 43 different sectors of the economy.

RX is passionate about having positive impacts on society and is committed to creating an inclusive work environment for all. RX is part of RELX, a global provider of data-based analytics and decision tools for professionals and corporate customers.

About CEISE Br

CEISE Br (National Center for the Sugar-Energy and Biofuels Sector) is an entity representing industries and service providers, dedicated to supplying equipment, products and services for the national and international sugar-energy sector.

Founded in 1980, the entity operates throughout Brazil and is headquartered in the city of Sertãozinho (SP), the main center for the development of industrial technology for the sector. For 43 years, CEISE Br has promoted the sector and held the largest bioenergy trade show in the world, Fenasucro & Agrocana.

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