Spotlight on… Katie King, Corporate Communications & Marketing Executive, UK


What advice would you give to your teenage self? 

Always be you. Embrace all the weird and wonderful things that make you a fantastic individual. When all your friends are wearing heels, rock those Doc Martens with no shame because they will eventually become a staple part of your personality! 

What is your favourite meal and where would you most like to eat it? 

Paella! I absolutely love it. Eaten fresh in a beachside restaurant on a warm Spanish evening accompanied with white wine, candles and some gentle guitar (quite the romanticist it seems). 

What’s your favourite app we might not have heard of? 

An app called “Too Good To Go”. It first came to my attention when my friend sent me a photo of a whole shop of fresh veggies for only £4, from a supermarket where £4 will usually only buy you one super organic potato. The app lets you buy surplus food which is soon to go past its legal sell-by date (but is still safe to eat) - at a great price - so it gets used instead of wasted. 

If you had 25 hours a day, how would you use your extra time? 
I would take an hour to do something purely for my own enjoyment. Draw, paint or dance ‒a few of my passions which unfortunately take a back seat having a busy lifestyle. A goal for 2022 perhaps! 

What do you enjoy most about working in events? 

I love this question as I studied a degree in Event Management before starting at RX, and I absolutely hated it! I was sure that I would never want to work within the events industry. After joining the marketing and comms department at RX I began to see the pure passion and hard work that goes into our events and how rewarding they are as experiences. The teamwork and atmosphere are certainly something they can’t teach you in a lecture hall! 

What makes you proud to work at RX? 

The resilience of our people with RX during the pandemic, our fight and passion has kept us afloat, my small team are ending another turbulent year with good humour and a smile!