The RXers behind the magic

The RXers behind the magic

New to events? You could be just the person we’re looking for!

You don’t have to be an expert in event organisation to build a successful career in events! At RX, we need all kinds of specialists to deliver exceptional customers experiences, from finance, marketing and art directors to software engineers, executive assistants, and HR. We asked a few colleagues to share some insights into their varied roles and what they love about working for RX.  

Remi Belair, Art Director, France

As Art Director, my role is to translate our events’ communication strategies into design and creativity. I work with our event teams on all creative issues, from the design of their visual identity to the customer experience. I’m responsible for the brand image of the shows and the consistency of their communication tools, supported by our graphic production manager and graphic designer.

I’m involved in some 30 trade shows, several 365 digital platforms and corporate communications, and love the multiplicity of the industries and products I work on. From the design of communication products to video production and motion design, from signage to scenography. I have a global vision of all our exhibitions, which is very exhilarating.

For me, RX France embodies diversity: diversity of sectors, diversity of profiles, diversity of expertise. It’s this diversity of worlds and skills that makes RX strong and allows everyone to enrich themselves through contact with others.

The events sector requires both rigour and creativity. You must be able to adapt to new situations, but you also have to be daring and be able to come up with new ideas, because we have to be constantly renewing ourselves. Creativity is not only to be found in design. You have to be creative at every level of show organization.

 Kim Thompson, Senior UX Designer, UK 

Working in tech means you can bring your ideas to life, with a team of like-minded and cool people. And because ICT is relevant to everything in the modern world you can work in whatever sector and country you want – including events!

I am a Senior UX Designer in RX’s Customer Discovery & Innovation team. Event teams contact us to test and try out new digital product ideas. I design and create prototypes for those ideas. For example, a Treasure Hunt game using Augmented Reality (like Pokémon Go) at the FIBO show or a digital marketplace (like Amazon) for the Aluminium show. If these become successful, then another product team will adopt our “test” and develop it into a full-blown product, which can be used by other event teams throughout the company.   

What I love most about working in event tech is the huge variety of different industries our events cover. You could be working on a travel event one week and then be working on a cosmetics or gaming show the next. It truly is diverse and interesting, as you also get a “behind the scenes” glimpse of those industries and how they work. 

Fallon Prinzivalli, Director of Marketing, ReedPop, USA

I started in my career in pop culture journalism at MTV News. I took a job at a B2B events company to learn new skills and when ReedPop had an entry level opening on their marketing team, it wound up being the perfect blend of my passion for pop culture and the new skills I learned in events. Taking advantage of that new opportunity is what lead me here to RX, where I’ve had a 10-year career innovating our marketing, growing our team, and driving us to be the marketing leader in our industry.

I now oversee a marketing team of 10 responsible for New York Comic Con, C2E2, Emerald City Comic Con, Florida Supercon, Star Wars Celebration, MagicCon and Popverse. Our number one priority is ticket sales for our events, but fan education is also a huge component of what we do. We work across teams to ensure that, from the time our fans discover our event through to them attending, they can find all the information they need to have an exciting and stress-free experience.

Whenever someone asks what I like most about my job, I always say the people. Our team at ReedPop is super passionate about what we do and is always striving to improve our events and experiences for our fans, because we’re fans ourselves. It’s really rewarding to be part of a team that doesn’t settle for checking a box to get the job done, but genuinely wants it to be their best work. On top of that, everyone is really supportive of each other and willing to lend a helping hand onsite, join a brainstorming session or support you on a project.

Working in events is a very fast-paced and sometimes high-stress environment, but when you see all your hard work come together at an event or talk to a fan who saved up all year to attend and is having the most amazing time, it’s totally worth it.

Chandan Kumar, Finance Director, India

Before joining RX India, I worked with Deloitte on in statutory audit, financial reporting, risk and compliance, valuation and M&A.I started at RX in 2017 as a Senior Manager of Finance, initially overseeing the finances for all joint ventures. In 2021, I advanced to Finance Controller, leading the entire finance function for RXI. My role expanded after a change in the Business Unit leader, allowing me to manage broader business operations in addition to finance. By 2024, I was promoted to Finance Director, which give me the opportunity to work more on business strategy and growth. 

Working at RX has been immensely rewarding due to its supportive and collaborative culture, which encourages professional growth and innovation. The guidance and encouragement from visionary managers and leaders have been instrumental in my development, enabling me to evolve and contribute to the company's success. One of the many reasons I love working for RXI is the two most important focuses for the business - our people and our customers. The businesses offer the unique opportunity to gather all customers—both exhibitors and visitors—once a year in a face-to-face setting to help grow their businesses and the industry.

I also feel fortunate to work with colleagues from various countries and cultures. I enjoy working in a diverse environment where we respect each other’s personalities and unite under one goal. 

Milagros Gamero, Product Marketing Manager, Global

As Product Marketing Manager, I’m responsible for championing the go-to-market approach for digital products globally and helping to accelerate the pace and effectiveness of our digital product marketing. I'm at the crossroads between marketing and digital products, which is something that I am really interested in. Working in a global team also gives me a fascinating perspective on how our digital products are marketed in different regions and to learn from the different perspectives and challenges.

I love the collaborative culture at RX. I find the people very helpful and constructive, and I appreciate learning from their expertise. In the past, I've mainly worked in small marketing teams where I was responsible for delivering things on my own, so I really appreciate the opportunity to work closely with others.

I've been exhibiting and visiting shows for many years, and it's always been an exciting experience. Being on the other side now, I would say you have to be the kind of person who enjoys a very dynamic environment, has a can-do attitude, and loves learning and trying out new things. It can be really fun, albeit hectic at times! But you get a genuine opportunity for continuous learning and professional development.

Even though I don't directly deliver the show, it's gratifying to support exhibitors and visitors worldwide by helping them enhance their event experiences and grow their businesses through networking, lead generation, brand promotion, and more.

Cici Yang, Executive Assistant, China

I think I was destined to be with RX. The company I worked for previously was an exhibitor at AMTS Shanghai, one of RX China’s leading event brands. It was my first job after graduation and after 15 years there I was keen to break out of my comfort zone and explore new horizons. So, when the job offer from RX came, I jumped at it. 

Since joining RX in January 2023 as Executive Assistant to the COO I have been given the opportunity to get involved in many different areas of the business, such as joining our APAC Diversity Committee and leading the local I&D team in Shenzhen to promote diversity activities. I also helped to co-ordinate the delivery of the China Future Transportation Industry Development Summit at Automotive World China 2023 which was a great success. And this year, I joined the RX China 2024 kick-off committee helping to deliver an unforgettable meeting and party for all my brilliant colleagues at RX China. It is because of the NIMBLE culture at RX that I can take on challenges like this. NIMBLE encourages us to be Networked, Inclusive, Magical, Brave, have a love of Learning, and be Entrepreneurial.  Most importantly, it encourages me to not only be an Executive Assistant, but to be myself. It is a great honour to be part of RX.

Liz Broughton, Global Head of Talent & Capability

As RX Head of Talent & Capability I help lay foundations so that all RXers can learn, develop, progress, and perform at their best  ̶  with them in the driving seat. I also feel blessed that RX has supported me in doing the very same thing.

I’m a great believer in the power of mentoring to help our people enhance their knowledge, expand their networks, and grow their careers. Anyone in RX can seek a mentor if they want one. Last year we launched an exciting new talent initiative that is empowering RXers to take ownership of their own career development through honest, open year-round conversations with their managers. I’m also proud to have been part of the Talent and Capability team introducing Manager Core, a new learning experience for people managers which is being delivered RELX-wide across three continents and growing fast.

Joining RX is one of the best career choices I have made. As a mother, I’ve found it to be the most flexible and supportive company I’ve experienced, allowing me to reduce my hours, change my role and then when the timing was right, take a step up.  I’ve had fantastic managers, and their support, enablement and encouragement has been everything I have needed to be here, in my favourite role so far.

Alex Campbell, Creative Director, USA

I oversee and lead creative direction, branding, and design strategy for all our business events in the US, working with senior leaders of the show teams and partner groups to drive creative and design initiatives. I manage a creative team of three designers based in our Philippines office.

I have been working on some of our events for 10 years now, and while aspects of the design needs and assets are similar year-on-year, each edition allows me to challenge myself with new and better designs. Going onsite each year and seeing everything we have worked so hard for come to life is incredibly rewarding.

The friendships and relationships I have built at RX are very near and dear to me. I have met my best friends while working here and I highly prioritize and appreciate the connections I have made with my colleagues over the years. Everyone is made to feel they have a seat at the table and more importantly, that they have a voice at the table.

Events provide so many opportunities to advance your career and gain valuable life and professional experiences. A career in the events industry isn’t always linear and I think that is what is so special about working here, you have so many opportunities to find what you truly excel at and are given the flexibility to go after the career that you aspire to have.

Inside RX’s award-winning sales culture 

Adam Cartledge

Director of Sales Enablement, Global

Like many people Adam Cartledge never knew what he really wanted to do when he left school. Whilst he was figuring it out, he got a job in sales and discovered he was quite good at it! Fast forward to today, and as Director of Sales Enablement Adam’s role is to ensure that RX’s global sales team have the systems,  knowledge, and training they need to succeed and grow.

“What’s really cool about my job is working with fellow salespeople and seeing them have those breakthrough moments” he said. “Helping them to succeed, and by extension helping their customers succeed, gets me up in the morning and gives me a real sense of purpose.”

Adam reveals that RX’s strong sales culture comes right from the top. “Our global CEO Hugh Jones has a background in sales and has been pivotal in helping to define and drive our customer-focused sales culture. He gets how incredibly satisfying it is for our salespeople to sit down with a customer, talk to them about what they want to achieve, agree a way forward, and be there at the event to share in their customer’s success. At RX you really do get the full end-to-end sales experience.”

Adam also praises the global nature of RX’s sales culture. “When you join RX, you learn and work alongside people from different countries, continents, cultures, and diversity dimensions. You also have the opportunity to network with customers from junior execs to c-suite leaders, across all kinds of industries. It’s a great way to develop your sales skills while expanding your mind. If you’re reading this and thinking, do I meet the criteria, am I fully qualified for a sales role at RX, why not get in touch? We’d love to talk to you!”

Charlie Oxford

Strategic Account Manager, Australia

Charlie has been in Event Sales since 2016 and first came to work with RX in 2019. Following a brief stray into financial tech sales, Charlie rejoined us earlier this year as a Strategic Account Manager working on our beauty and retail events.

Charlie takes great pride in building strong customer relationships: “I am a big people person, who is always looking for ways to grow my knowledge and strive for the best outcomes” they explained. “I enjoy creating connections between humans, and love being part of an event team that is constantly looking for new ways to connect creatively with our industries.”

When asked what influenced their decision to return to RX, Charlie said: “I find the sales culture at RX very supportive. We are all looking out for each other and wanting each other to do well - with a healthy sprinkle of competition in there too! I love that I can jump into a meeting and say "hey, I have an idea" and it is listened to and given time.”

Above all, they explained, “RX feels like a family, a place where I can show up exactly as I am and be respected for it. As a trans non-binary neurodivergent, it’s amazing that I feel safe to be me in a work environment. At RX we always look to help and support each other and that hasn't changed.”

Indiya Okam

GVP Sales, US

Having joined RX from the healthcare industry in October 2023, it didn’t take long before Indiya Okam was sold on face to face events. “Feeling the tremendous energy in the halls was truly magical,” she said, on attending her first RX event three weeks into her new role. 

As Group Vice President of Sales Indiya is responsible for driving sales and revenue transformation in the US. She was attracted to the role by RX’s focus on value-based selling, a customer-centric approach to sales which is about getting to understand what outcomes the customer is looking to achieve then tailoring a solution that will help them to achieve those outcomes.

“Through a deep discovery, sales teams are trained to be efficient at asking questions to better understand the customer’s business and value drivers, their industry, the challenges they face, and what success looks like,” she explained.

Indiya works closely with RX’s Global Sales Enablement team to ensure her team have the tools, resources and training they need to effectively engage with customers to drive value while also developing their own skills and careers.

“RX is an inspiring place to work. You are around people here that really want to grow and learn. The company invests a lot of time and resources into training and developing people. When I think back to my sales career, those were the things that propelled me to the next level, and at RX you get the chance to build your sales experience across many different industries.”

Laura Williams

International Sales Manager, UK

Laura worked for herself and then a small telemarketing company before joining RX’s International Sales Group (ISG) in 2017. When she arrived she had no experience of working in events or using CRM platforms like Salesforce. Just a year later she won the ISG’s Rising Star Award which she collected at their sales conference in Cape Town, an experience she described as “hands down the trip of a lifetime!”

Based in RX locations around the world, the International Sales Group help our customers to forge global connections and unlock export opportunities by participating in events beyond their own border. Travel and working collaboratively with colleagues from around the world are amongst the aspects of her sales role Laura says she enjoys the most.

Today as Senior Sales Manager, she is responsible for training and developing junior members of the  international sales team. She currently leads the sales for RX’s global jewellery, optical and bar & beverage events. Developing close and collaborative relationships with the show teams is the key to her sales success, she said – along with RX’s supportive sales structure and culture.

“You have the answers to every sales scenario you will ever face within RX’s global knowledge network,” Laura explained. “There is no way I could perform at the standard I have over the last seven years if I couldn’t lean on the different departments, teams and individuals I’m blessed to work with in order to provide an excellent value-based opportunity for each and every one of my clients.”  

Travel and teamwork aside, Laura said “I really love the buzz of a customer who goes from knowing nothing about me or my show to signing up to exhibit. Watching them succeed with their export exhibition plan is pretty spectacular. Apparently if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life …. Preach to that!

Lanny Zhang

Senior Vice-President, China

Lanny’s career at RX has spanned 20 years. Today, as Senior Vice- President leading six events across four industry sectors, she is at the forefront of implementing RX’s Value-Based Selling strategy. In fact, her Aluminium event team are recognised as champions in the art!

“The VBS approach has proven to be a game-changer for our sales culture. It’s a truly collaborative effort where sales, marketing, support teams, and project leaders all contribute to the value creation cycle. This ensures that every team member is invested in our mission, fostering a strong sense of purpose and achievement.”

Lanny says that the sales culture at RX is deeply rooted in the company’s mission to build businesses and create value for our clients: “It is a culture that empowers us to be innovative, to think beyond traditional sales tactics, and to focus on the long-term success of our clients. This culture has been instrumental in enhancing my performance, as it encourages continuous learning, adaptability, and a deep understanding of our clients' needs.”

“What I love most about my job is the profound impact we have on our clients' businesses,” she continued. “Every day, I am part of a team that is not just selling products but is building solutions that empower our clients to succeed. The joy of seeing the positive impact our work has on our clients' lives and the environment is immeasurable. This passion for our work and the drive to innovate are what keep me and my team motivated and committed to excellence.”

Keval Morarjee

Global Sales Development Manager

Keval started his sales career in the world of entertainment and hospitality, selling everything from birthday parties to corporate team building events, before transitioning to sales training and joining RX in 2019. Asked to sum up the sales culture at RX, Keval replies in an instant: “passionate, innovative, driven, unafraid - and fun!”

As part of our Global Sales Enablement Team, Keval works closely with our global technology teams and regional businesses to identify, upskill and share global best practices in sales process, technology, and talent development. It’s his job to ensure our salespeople get the robust and consistent training, tools and support they need to grow and excel.  

“One of things I love most about RX is the global sales perspective it gives you” Keval explained. “At any one time I can be coaching colleagues from all around the RX world, giving us all valuable insights into each other’s cultures. I also love how, through value-based selling, our people are getting the tools and training to really up their game by developing deeper relationships with customers. For example, our RX Business Builder suite of digital tools enable our sales teams to drill down into each customer’s event data and talk to them at a granular level about how they are performing. The opportunities to learn and progress here are second to none.”

Meet our show makers

Behind every live RX event is a team of extraordinary operations and logistics specialists who are responsible for imagining and then creating the physical spaces where our customers connect, and magic happens. Without them, our shows simply couldn’t go on.

Jessamy Ganesh, Senior Operations Manager, UK

I’m proud of the reputation our UK operations team has amongst the supplier and contractor community.  The relationships we have built up with them over many years play such an important part in the overall success of our shows. Sometimes we joke about the stock of ‘ops fairy dust’ we have to help solve issues, but really, that fairy dust comes from our suppliers. We felt honoured when the effort we put into maintaining these important relationships was recognised by the ESSA (Event Supplier and Services Association) who awarded us ‘Best Organiser’ for our support to the supplier and contractor community during Covid. For me personally 2023 has been the most challenging and rewarding year in my entire career, which I wasn’t expecting at the age of 43!  Our UK operations team had the pleasure of organising Star Wars Celebration this year at ExCeL London, in partnership with our incredible US ReedPop colleagues. It was a real step out of our comfort zone and the way we normally run events as we were working alongside LucasFilms and Disney.  The onsite experience was amazing, build up went so much smoother than we were expecting, and seeing the joy on all the fans faces made the pre-show stress all worth it.  It was lovely that my 7 year old son could come to the show and see what mum does for work. For about a week I was a ‘cool mum’!

Antoine de Lestanville, Operations Manager, France

There are many things I love about my role as Operations Manager but finding innovative ways to make our events more sustainable, reduce our carbon footprint, and move towards zero waste is a mission that particularly motivates me, giving meaning to my work. For Renodays, Paris, a new trade fair dedicated to energy renovation in housing which we staged for the first time in September, our top priority was to set up an event totally focused on eco-responsibility. We offered a single eco-designed stand formula for all exhibitors, eliminating the use of carpets and partition coverings. We also favoured cardboard signage and used raw wood as well as rental materials for all the decorations and fittings. No single-use materials were allowed on the show site. In terms of catering, we offered more than 3,000 meals prepared on site, minimizing waste and opting for mainly vegetarian options. Our efforts were highly appreciated by our exhibitors and visitors, who gave Renodays a very high NPS (Net Promoter Score). I am extremely proud of the event format which combined aesthetics and environmental responsibility in a remarkable way and represents one of the best examples of what RX can do in terms of sustainability.

Kaoru Nagahama, Operations Chief, Japan

Our Japanese operations team boast many years of experience in event organizing and bring a lot of technical and creative know-how to our market-leading trade and consumer events. What I particularly enjoy about my job is the opportunity to make things happen onsite. Every audience is different, and every event is an opportunity to deliver a great customer experience. For example, Femtech Tokyo, which was held for the first-time in 2022, is an event focused on helping women take control of their health and wellbeing. In consideration of the fact that most of our exhibitors and visitors were women, we provided nursery services, stroller storage and children's play area for the first time at our events. We thought hard about the sensory experience of the venue, aware that the smells and flavours would need to accommodate the sensitivity of pregnant women. These and other considerations, such as the choice of colour scheme, all contributed to our high customer satisfaction score (NPS). Above all, watching our events being built and then rapidly dismantled to become an empty space again is a magical privilege that only the operations team can enjoy!

Lily Nutting, Operations Manager, Australia

I thrive off the energy and the fast-paced, ever-changing nature of the events industry. My role is very broad, from the customer journey and in-depth planning of the event schedules (including content, features, sponsorship and supporting signage and digital displays) to networking with our suppliers and venues to ensure the execution meets the high standards we set. Although our team is small, it is also mighty! Most have been with RX Australia in operations for a very long time and sometimes it feels like we are a family more than a team, which is a testament to the love we share for the industry and the role. Some of my best memories are when we are all together onsite all doing what we love – even when there are speed bumps along the way. We share the same values and priorities, always testing ourselves to elevate the customer experience. I’m proud that RX leads the way for sustainable events in Australia, where our operations and logistics team are creating the blueprint, not only for organisers, but for contractors, suppliers, venues, and exhibitors. We relish their positive feedback, and the constructive and complimentary dialogue we have with them – especially when they tell us that when RX operations are in charge their job is much easier!

Team China

Like all great operations and logistics teams, RX China emphasizes teamwork over individualism. We recognize that success is best achieved through collaboration and cohesion – not forgetting, of course, clear communication! All these qualities were vital for our ability to deliver a ‘mega’ programme of seven co-located events in Shenzhen in October, including Automotive World China and Nepcon Asia, working with three event partners and across four RX Business Units – and all just days after a long national holiday in China. Spread across multiple offices, our operations teams swung into action, having worked closely together to map out detailed project plans, schedules, deadlines and workflows, and anticipate and address the varying needs of each event to deliver a consistent customer experience. The dynamic nature of operation’s work - managing tight budgets, constantly adapting plans, and dealing with unexpected onsite incidents - provides rich opportunities to develop our problem-solving skills and gain valuable experience, all of which contributes to our personal growth. Working in operations has its challenges, but being part of a united team that makes them come alive is incredibly rewarding!

Our women in tech

Caroline Goes, Head of Data Products and Digital Data, Brazil 

Ada Lovelace developed the first published algorithm. Grace Hopper wrote the first compiler.  Hedy Lamarr pioneered Wi-Fi. Katherine Johnson did trajectory analysis for America's first human spaceflight. Technology is present in all sectors and there are lots of opportunities for girls to develop an exciting career.  We need more women in technology to ensure we are building a more equal society and you could be the next on a list of amazing women who changed the world! 

My role at RX is to manage a talented group of people who develop data products. Those products are designed to empower our customers to make effective decisions for building their businesses. My responsibility is to provide strategic direction and lead the development, evolution and enhancement of our products. But unlocking people´s talent is my favourite thing, for sure!  You don´t need to be an expert on coding to lead people to develop great software if you listen to the customer´s needs, connect this with their business objectives and are empowered to deliver your best work.

Kim Thomson, Senior UX Designer, UK 

Working in tech means you can bring your ideas to life, with a team of like-minded and cool people. There are no limits to what you can do! No matter what your passion is, ICT is relevant to everything in the modern world so you can work in whatever sector and country  you want. How amazing is that?! 

I am a Senior UX Designer in the Customer Discovery & Innovation team. RX event teams  contact us to test and try out new digital product ideas. I design and create prototypes for those ideas. For example, a Treasure Hunt game using Augmented Reality (like Pokémon Go) at the FIBO show or a digital marketplace (like Amazon) for the Aluminium show. If these become successful, then another product team will adopt our “test” and develop it into a full-blown product, which can be used by other event teams throughout the company.   

What I love most about working in event tech is the huge variety of different industries our events cover. You could be working on a travel event one week and then be working on a cosmetics or gaming show the next. It truly is diverse and interesting, as you also get a “behind the scenes” glimpse of those industries and how they work. 

Céline Battestini, Digital Production Director, France 

I oversee the digital tools’ roadmap for RX France making sure business objectives can be reached while implementing tools and innovation that cover all the steps of a customer’s journey with our events. The best thing about this role is the fact that it involves working with all divisions of the company from finance to operations and sales and marketing. Projects are complex with a lot of challenges and it’s great to be able to work with a broad team of experts to find solutions. Every day is like having a new job as customers are demanding and there is a new challenge to solve which I find exciting. The advice I would offer to a young girl thinking about a career in ICT is, don’t hesitate, go for it!  And always make time for learning, sharing expertise and best practices. Also don’t be afraid of receiving feedback  ̶  it is key to being able to keep improving in this fast-changing domain.

Anecia Johnston, Director of engineering, UK 

I studied Information Technology at university and have been working in tech ever since. It’s an exciting career choice, enabling you to work in almost any industry and on the latest innovations. It also offers diverse roles from development through to graphic design. The role of technology in society today is undeniable and offers anyone interested an almost unlimited array of professional opportunities. 

I head the engineering function of the global business systems programme for RX which is both a new technology platform and a set of business capabilities that is being rolled out worldwide. I've found RELX and RX to very supportive generally, but they also have initiatives specifically for women in technology such as their mentoring programme that runs yearly. I've taken part in this as a mentee and found it to be an excellent way to progress my career. 

If you’re thinking of switching to a career in tech my advice would be to find out if you can incorporate some of the technology skills you have or want to develop into your current role. Take any opportunities to build your skills and increase your experience. In larger organisations such as RELX you can also look for opportunities and support for you to be able to make such a transition.

Sumedha Kumar, Technical Service Owner, UK 

I enjoy the constant challenges event tech brings. It’s a rapidly changing ecosystem and keeping up with it is exhilarating and inspiring at the same time. I am the Technical Service Owner for Cloud Applications at RX globally. My role is to ensure that our sales and marketing business operations are running efficiently. It involves collaborating with our suppliers and vendors and partnering with different departments across the organisation to maintain high levels of customer service and satisfaction. The experience of working with a diverse group is a learning in itself and the most beautiful aspect of working for RX.

RX wins big for events, culture, and talent

Our events teams and talent have been on fire in the first half of 2024, scooping up awards for sustainability, digital innovation, diversity & inclusion, company culture, sales, organisation, and more! Read on to find out who has been racking up the honours, and why we are so proud of them.

No. 1 for sustainability, innovation and event organisation

Every year in the UK, the AEO Excellence Awards celebrate the top achievements in the events industry. So, RX was thrilled to win three major awards at the 2024 ceremony in London on June 14, for ‘Best Sustainability Initiative,’ ‘Technology Innovation,’ and ‘Organiser Team of the Year.’

RX was singled out for the Sustainability award for making significant progress on our journey to Net Zero by 2040, including initiatives such as our Global Sustainability Council, Roadmap to Net Zero, carbon footprint measurement tools, RX Sustainability Playbook, Sustainable Stand Awards, and customer and contractor engagement. Reflecting on RX’s win, a delighted Helen Sheppard, Global Sustainability Director, said: “Every day I am inspired by the people I work with – their engagement, creativity, adaptability, and determination to make lasting, positive change for our industry and planet. This award is a tribute to them all.”

MCM Comic-Con claimed the ‘Technology Innovation’ award for its ‘Treasure Hunt’ initiative which innovated MCM’s existing mobile app technology to gamify the attendee experience with an onsite scavenger hunt using QR codes, attendee badge activation and an in-app scanner. And to round off a magical night for RX, ReedPop were awarded ‘Organiser Team of the Year’ for their commitment to visitor engagement on a personal level; work with charities such as Make-A-Wish or Hope and Homes for Children; their leadership’s commitment to career development for the team; and the collaborative culture at ReedPop.

JCK wins first BIJC ‘Shining Together’ Award

The JCK Las Vegas team started 2024 as winners of the first ever ‘Black in Jewelry Coalition (BIJC) "Shining Together" Award for their uplifting and inclusive initiatives in the jewelry industry. The BIJC was founded three years ago, in the wake of the murder of George Floyd, to promote greater representation for Black professionals within the jewelry industry. JCK’s continuous support of BIJC has been transformative, BIJC said.

“By shining a spotlight on Black gem and jewelry professionals and their work, JCK Las Vegas has helped to create a more inclusive and diverse industry that celebrates the contributions of all gem and jewelry professionals, regardless of their background,” explained Adrianne Sanago, a JIJC Founder. “We hope to see such initiatives more in the future that promote equality and inclusivity in all industries. JCK has set an amazing example and blazed an important trail!”

Emerging designers within The Black in Jewelry Coalition (BIJC) were once again featured in the Design Collective at JCK Las Vegas 2024, May 31st – June 3rd, where grant funding from the JCK Industry Fund provided attendees with an opportunity to connect with six Black-owned brands exhibiting jewelry and loose gemstones.

ROAR of approval for Team Africa

RX Africa was thrilled to sweep up an incredible eight awards at the prestigious ROAR Awards ceremony, hosted by the AAXO - Association of African Exhibition Organisers in Midrand on 29 February. It was the most for any single organisation and confirmed their commitment to excellence in event organising across Africa. The awards included four of the evening biggest accolades: Best Trade Exhibitions under and over 6000m2, for Decorex Cape Town and Joburg respectively; Best Consumer Show for Comic Con Africa; and Best Launch for Comic Con Cape Town. RX Africa was also recognised for their top-notch Digital, PR, and social media campaigns. Way to go!

RX comes top for inclusion and diversity

At RX, inclusion and diversity are central to our mission and values. So it was with great pride and delight that we accepted the Diversity and Inclusion Award at the 2024 Exhibition News awards for our efforts to improve accessibility at RX events, amongst other inclusive initiatives.

“We’ve spent the past few years building a strong foundation of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging at RX, supported by our Executive Leadership Team, and are now entering a new phase of our DEI&B strategy, which is directly impacting our customers and the communities we serve,” reflected Raymond Rhodes , Head of Inclusion & Diversity at RX.

“Many RX events are setting new standards for accessibility and inclusive content” he added. “Last month, we released our Guide to Inclusive Events at RX, which showcases the outstanding DEIB programming in place at our shows and serve as inspiration for our events teams across the globe. These rich insights will inform and advance our accessibility and inclusion strategies for our events in the future.”

Kim Sillo blazes a trail for talent

Every year in the US, Trade Show Executive (TSE) announce the TSE Trailblazers of 2024, highlighting rising talent in the trade show industry. Among this year’s winners in May was Kim Sillo, Marketing Director for our ISC Security events.

The Trailblazers program was launched in 2018 to recognize up-and-comers who are on their way to becoming the future leaders and executives in the trade show industry. Judging criteria include demonstrable excellence in trade show management, innovative contributions and problem-solving. This year, TSE received more nominations for the program than ever before, making Kim’s achievement all the more impressive!

A delighted Kim said: “It was an absolute honour to be recognized as a TSE Trailblazer of 2024 alongside other rising talent in the industry. This award is a source of immense pride and gratitude, and it inspires me to reach even greater heights in the future!”

RX is Best Company for Global Culture, Leadership and Sales

For the third consecutive year RX has been recognised by Comparably as having one of the best global company cultures and leadership teams. We are also delighted to have received our first award for best sales team in March.

Commenting on the accolades, RX CEO Hugh Jones said: “It is our people that define our culture, and these awards are testament to their leadership skills and their dedication in making RX a place where everyone can be authentic, belong and thrive. It is also wonderful to see our talented Sales teams’ camaraderie and commitment to delivering value to our customers recognised.”

Comparably is a leading workplace culture and brand reputation platform that collects feedback and ratings from current employees, based on a series of more than 50 comprehensive workplace questions covering Leadership, Professional Development, Compensation, Work-Life Balance and more.

Emma Riley - Diversity Hero and Role Model

A collective cheer went up around RX on 20th March when Emma Riley was named ‘Hero of the Year’ at the British Diversity Awards for her campaigning efforts. Thrown out of the Royal Navy in 1993 for being gay, Emma Riley took the UK to the European Court of Human Rights to challenge the decision and helped change the UK law in 2000 to allow gay people to serve in the military.

Today, Emma uses her story to inspire others to stand up as role models, allies, and to show one person can make a difference – including at RX where, as Programme, Governance and Operations Manager, she uses her RX Cares hours to volunteer for Diversity Role Models whose mission is ‘to promote understanding and acceptance of individual differences and end LGBTQ+ bullying in schools.’ Since being named Diversity Hero the Year, Emma has also been featured in the DIVA Magazine Power List 2024 as a gamechanger who is blazing a trail for LGBTQIA women and non-binary people.

Matt Stratford honoured for digital innovation

One of the awards we value most at RX is the RELX Innovation Honour Roll, awarded each year by our parent company to individuals who have pushed at the boundaries of innovation to benefit our business and our customers.

This year, our very own Matt Stratford, Product Management Director, was honoured for leading the team behind Colleqt QR, a QR code-based solution that allows trade show visitors to collect exhibitor contact details and brochures using their phone’s native camera and mobile web browser. Colleqt QR works by first scanning the visitor's badge to authenticate them and then prompting them to scan QR codes on exhibitors' stands to collect exhibitor contact details and brochures. Colleqt QR also brings value to exhibitors who are passed the details of visitors who scanned their QR codes, creating up to 30%  more leads, as well as saving cost and waste from the production of printed brochures and handouts. Colleqt QR was piloted in 2023 at 11 RX events with a strong positive response and is now being rolled out to the rest of the business.

PGA Show and Aluminium lead the pack for growth

Seven RX events were honoured in Trade Show Executive's Fastest 50 Awards 2024, which recognise the US events with the fastest growth rates by number of exhibitors, attendees and overall size.

The winners were revealed at the TSE Fastest 50 Awards and Summit in Las Vegas, which culminated in the prestigious Fastest 50 Grand Awards gala on 9 May.

Among them were PGA Show and Aluminium who took home the evening’s top honour - a coveted ‘Fastest 50 Grand Award’ for leading the pack in their specific growth categories in 2023. Other RX events recognised for outstanding growth were Bar Convent Brooklyn, ITS America, Interphex, Vision Expo East and ISC West.

Our leaders

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From New Zealand to the UK, by way of the USA, Rachel Travers joined RX as President of our UK Hub in September 2023, with responsibility for our business in the UK, Middle East, South Africa, Turkey, India and Germany. She took some time from her busy schedule to talk about business building, digital innovation, and her new-found love for face to face events.  

Making time for inclusion and diversity at RX

Attracting and supporting Black event talent

Giving back to our communities; The RX way.

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