Nimble by Nature: Living the Nimble Culture Code

N is for Networked in RX’s NIMBLE culture code, because personal connections lie at the heart of business building. Meet six award-winning RXers whose natural ability to reach out to their colleagues and partners is opening up exciting new opportunities for our customers to connect and do business at our face to face events.

Sandrine Cerati, Technical Services Director, France  

 As Technical Services Director, Sandrine Cerati has one of the most cross-functional event jobs in RX and her ability to maintain close links with all her teams makes her one of the most networked people in our French operation. She knows everyone, and everyone knows her! Sandrine’s varied experiences during her 23-year events career at RX ‒ as a sales representative, customer relations manager, marketing director and now exhibitor technical service director ‒ place her at the crossroads of the various departments. Her ability to see each live event through the eyes of customers, colleagues and contractors alike enables her to understand their different needs and expectations and deliver on them.  Affectionately referred to by her colleagues as the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of RX France, Sandrine is as familiar with the overall vision of each event as the day-to-day realities on the ground. Which is why she is always present at every show build-up and opening, ready to roll up her sleeves and give her teams, and exhibitors, the benefit of her industry connections, experience and technical expertise.  

Hannah Ware, Customer and Business Services Manager, UK 

Networking is about sharing, not taking ‒ something Hannah Ware clearly understood when she stepped up to support the global rollout of RX’s Exhibitor Dashboard. Exhibitor Dashboard is an exciting new RX tool which gives our exhibitors the data and insights they need to measure and improve their event performance. Hannah was responsible for introducing Exhibitor Dashboard to our UK business but as she quickly came to understand the benefits of the product and its significance for our customers, she reached out to our global customer success team, bringing together 70 colleagues from around the RX world to share her knowledge and increase their engagement. Her networking skills are helping to unlock the value of Exhibitor Dashboard for growing numbers of our customers so that they can take data-driven decisions to improve the return on their investment in our smart events. Hannah is an inclusive networker, who is actively interested in learning from other cultures. Above all she is an instinctive networker who instils in her colleagues the value of doing the right thing – even when no one is watching. 

Liz Gu, International Sales Manager, China 

RX is in the business of building businesses at over 400 events in 22 countries across 43 industry sectors. Through our international network of sales promoters and agents we help our customers to expand their export business by supporting their entry into new markets – something at which Liz Gu is a consummate professional. Since joining our Asia team in 2021 Liz has significantly expanded our agent sales network in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand enabling many more international customers to access new export business at our events. Networking across different countries and cultures requires sensitivity, diplomacy and adaptivity, and Liz’s interpersonal skills are such that she can always find common ground. Liz is unphased by difficulty – when government subsidy for a large national pavilion was withdrawn last year, she quickly reached out to her network to find new funding for the exhibitors. Being part of a global company, Liz seizes every opportunity to collaborate with her RX colleagues and to learn from them. In 2022 she joined the RELX mentoring network connecting with a senior colleague at Cirium in the UK to sharpen her key account management skills, to the benefit of her clients everywhere.    

Sam Maher, Junior Tech Architect, Global Tech 

In April 2022, RX went live with its Mercury registration system which makes it as easy as possible for our customers to register for, enter, and do business at our face to face events.  As a Junior Tech Architect, Sam Maher’s day job is to manage our internal IT helpdesk which he does with great competence and good humour; but he went out of his way to learn about Mercury and to connect with the first RX show teams to introduce it. His valuable guidance helped them to ensure its successful on-site implementation. With a passion for working on and organising access control at pop festivals in his spare time, Sam voluntarily combines his hobby with his core expertise in systems, hardware and application support to make a real difference to the success of this transformative technology, while contributing to the goodwill and business building that takes place at our shows. 

Doan Thi Thu Thuy, Project Coordinator, Vietnam 

Networking skills are an essential part of being a successful project co-ordinator – and few projects are as exciting and challenging to co-ordinate as a live event with an immovable deadline.  Thuy joined our team in Vietnam two and half years ago and has been proactively reaching out to support her RX colleagues on leading events such as Metalex ever since.  She provides a vital link between the sales and marketing teams, assisting with customer communications and guiding exhibitors on the use of digital tools such as Emperia, RX’s lead generation app.  She supports the Operations team to ensure exhibitors submit their order forms in time to get the onsite services they need. She works closely with our international sales team and agents and liaises with industry associations to support the successful participation of exhibitors in new export markets. And she does it all with great diligence, positivity and good humour, putting everyone she connects with at ease. In short, every event team needs a Thuy! 

Justin Miller, Industry Relations Manager, USA 

When Justin Miller joined RX 11 months ago, he knew few people in the security and intelligent transportation industries. In the short time since, he has perfected his communication and networking skills and stepped into an attendee acquisition role on ISC Expo, Natural Disaster & Emergency Management Expo (NDEM) and ITS America Events. He is now hard at work creating new partner relationships, identifying top buyers, promoting the brands to prospective visitors, and building business for ISC Expo, ITS World Congress and NDEM exhibitors. He collaborates daily with his colleagues in sales, operations, fulfilment and marketing to build his knowledge and networks and offer support. Anyone who knows Justin would agree he is a team player, loves to learn, and likes to keep busy ‒ which is never a problem working at RX!    

I is for Inclusive in the RX NIMBLE culture code, because we believe that everyone should feel safe and free to be themselves in RX, our events and our communities. Meet six award-winning RXers who inspire us with their ability to make each and every customer and colleague feel welcome and valued.

Iara Muniz, Customer Relationship Analyst, Brazil

If you could personify the word ‘inclusion’ it would be Iara; and as a customer relationship analyst she couldn’t be in a better suited role. She is committed to giving each and every one of our customers the best possible experience at our events, anticipating problems before they happen, and resolving any issues with a smile.

Iara is an empathetic team player who takes time to listen, and who always respects the opinion of others so that everyone can be heard and respected.  Should anyone feel excluded or downhearted, she is always there with a word of support and encouragement.

Iara is appreciated for her ability to bring people together. Her natural inclusivity sets a great example to her colleagues, helping to build strong relationships between our teams and clients. In the office too, she is invariably the person organising the coffees, the welcome reception or the birthday surprise – complete with her amazing chocolate cake!

Adam Cartledge, Head of Sales Talent, Global

As Executive Sponsor of RX’s Global Pride Committee, Adam oversees RX programmes designed to drive LGBTQ+ equity, both internally (through an inclusive culture for our colleagues) and externally at our events, and in the communities in which we live and operate.

In his sales leadership role Adam also works hard to create a culture of psychological safety across our global sales teams, embracing and encouraging diversity of people, ideas and opinions. He also looks for opportunities to increase diversity, for example in recruitment and career development.

For Adam, being an inclusive employer means letting your people bring the best version of themselves to work every day. “For our LGBTQ+ employees, working at RX means we see you, we want you to be a part of this business because of who you are, not who you love, or how you identify” he said.

Martin Hiller, Marketing, Content & Creative Director, South Africa

Martin is passionate about inclusivity and diversity. As I&D Champion for South Africa, he is always looking for ways to bring more diversity into our workforce, speakers, content sessions and marketing. And he heads our EQUAL Africa show which focuses on promoting LGBTQ travel within Africa and globally.

Martin creates an open workspace where people feel comfortable to talk about how they feel and give their opinions without being judged. He welcomes different approaches to solving a problem and is open to different ideas and ways of doing things. He listens to and respects everyone’s point of view.

Relationship building is Martin’s great strength. He builds his colleagues up by encouraging them, guiding them and giving them the tools they need to succeed in their role. He is also good at building relationships with key partners for our events, drawing on his positive attitude and problem-solving abilities to ensure they are happy and well taken care of.   

Cara Annett, Security Awareness and Culture Director, Global

RX is committed to building a diverse and inclusive business in which everyone can thrive, and Cara is one of our cornerstones in making this happen within our security team.

Cara has single-handedly created and built out our global team of security champions, connecting and supporting a diverse network of security enthusiasts who are working to increase security awareness and engagement across the business.  In doing so, she has created a strong community culture where opportunity is open to all, and everyone feels included.

Cara’s vision is for secure behaviour to be easy for RXers, and her goal is to deliver fun and useful security learning that keeps us all safe in our personal life and at work. But her concern for her colleagues’ wellbeing extends beyond her security role. In 2020 Cara became one of the first RXers to step up for mental health first aid training; and she remains a key member of our growing team of Mental Health First Responders who provide a first line of support for colleagues who are experiencing a period of adverse mental health or emotional distress.

Anna Maria Faust, Head of Conference Production, Australia

 Conference platforms have traditionally been dominated by white male speakers, but the representation of women and people of colour is improving – thanks to people like Anna Maria.

 In 2022, Anna Maria and her team made it their goal to attract a minimum 50% of female speakers across RX Australia’s conference programmes. Leaving no stone unturned they were successful in improving female representation in industries often dominated by males, especially within the mining and energy sectors. 

In a first for All-Energy Australia, Anna Maria and her team also successfully incorporated a First Nations ‘Community and Local Energy’ panel and speakers into the 2022 programmes. The First Nations speakers included representatives from Indigenous Energy Australia, the Federation of Victorian Traditional Owner Corporations and Original Power and the session was packed to the rafters. 

Anna Maria and her team also invited an elder from the Torres Strait Island Regional Council to speak in a Waste Expo Australia panel session around future waste strategies for local councils. This was another first for this event and a great opportunity for a remote part of Australia to have its voice heard amongst its peers. 

Fleur Kearns, VP Human Resources, Singapore

Fleur has HR oversight for one of the most diverse portfolios in our business, covering nine different countries with many different cultures represented and languages spoken. She is a champion of inclusion for ALL employees from all backgrounds.

As we have rolled out I&D programming globally over the past year and a half, Fleur has worked painstakingly to ensure content has been accessible in local languages so everyone can participate. She volunteered to be the APAC content lead for the 2022 RELX Global I&D and ERG Conference ‒ Be You, BELONG ‒ and partnered with colleagues across RELX business lines to curate over eight hours of locally relevant content for our colleagues in the Asia-Pacific Region. Fleur's passion for inclusion resulted in our sourcing closed captioning for the conference in nine different languages, with the highest engagement from the APAC region in the history of this annual conference. She also serves as the Executive Sponsor of our APAC All-Dimension Diversity Committee.

Fleur sees and values our colleagues and our customers for their whole selves. She is a champion of inclusive experiences and practices and will play an increasingly important role in driving our culture of inclusion, both internally and externally, in 2023.

M is for Magic in our NIMBLE code because there is nothing more magical than making something from nothing, and seeing it come alive before you. That first moment when the doors open on our events  ̶  the sense of excitement and enormous possibility in the air  ̶  is exhilarating. Meet seven amazing RXers who helped to make that magic happen in 2022.

Prasad Tendulkar, Senior Sales Manager, India 

Over the last two years Prasad has worked incredibly hard to maintain a large Indian participation in Chemspec Europe, despite Covid throwing him numerous curve balls. Thanks to his outstanding customer relationships and magical sales skills he delivered one of the highest Indian participations ever at the 2022 event. Even when it seemed exhibitors would be unable to travel to the show, Prasad managed to pull visa appointments from the German embassy for them out of the bag, as well as government funding for those eligible. By always going the extra ten miles for his exhibitors, Prasad delivered the international sales that grow his customers’ businesses.

Claire Jeon, Sales Manager, Korea 

Claire created magic at our first face to face Interphex Korea show in 2022 personally inviting VIPs to the event despite the Covid backdrop and organising the opening ceremony to universal acclaim. Her knowledge of our value added digital products ensured that our clients were delighted and impressed by their participation, and many took the opportunity to thank her personally for her support. Prior to Interphex Korea 2022, Claire played a key role in successfully delivering Interphex Korea 2021 online, satisfying the needs of customers who were desperate to maintain business contacts during the pandemic through virtual conferences and matchmaking.

Vania Rocha, Internal Communications Analyst, Brazil 

Every project Vania touches is pure magic. Despite not speaking English when she took on the role, Vania has been supporting our US business (as well as our Brazilian and Mexican operations) since 2021 and her thoughtful and creative nature means that our communications always have a magical touch. Vania’s skills were particularly apparent during the pandemic when we were unable to meet face to face. Embracing the potential of virtual communications, she helped to create and deliver more open and flowing communications which continue to engage and inform RXers in a meaningful and positive way. Vania is creative and thoughtful in everything she does. You never have to ask her twice and she always delivers beyond expectations!

Mirco Monsees, Senior Graphic Designer, UK 

Behind every RX event is a team of remarkable magicians who are rarely in the limelight – but whose talent is clear for all to see. One such magician is Mirco who is responsible for the graphic design at our UK shows. Without Micro there would be no show signage, branding, or on-site graphics to inform and excite our attendees, and help them find their way around. And Mirco’s role in helping to shape the ‘face’ of our events begins long before the doors open, by creating the marketing and sales collateral that inspire and engage our customers and build our brands.

Monalisa Depina, Sales Executive, USA

As a Sales Executive Mona for our US team, Monalisa is usually hard at work helping customers to experience the magic of RX events. But in October 2022 she created magic of a different kind for her RX colleagues and their families, by helping to organise a very special ‘Halloween Open House’ at their Norwalk office. Having moved into their building just before the start of the pandemic, this was the first time in three years that RX could open the door to its families  ̶  and their first opportunity to see their loved ones’ new workplace. Monalisa brought so much energy and enthusiasm to the occasion, leading the decoration of the offices and cafeteria, and organising the activities and entertainment, including the Halloween Parade. It was wonderful to see RXers and their families together enjoying themselves – and it couldn’t have happened without Monalisa’s passion and inspiration. Thank you Monalisa!

Ting He, Customer Service Manager, China   

Ting is the customer service manager at our China Daily Use Article Trade Fair (CDATF), a mega show with over 2,200 exhibitors. She plays a critical role in coordinating customers and RX event functions at the company, and by harnessing the power of digital and data her efforts and professionalism have enabled the CDTFA show to deliver magical results for participants. While others struggle to understand the importance of data, Tina leads the CDTFA team in maintaining and safeguarding customer data, creating a solid foundation for effective digital communication which is helping to build business for our customers and for RX.

Marites Dominguez, Administration and Customer Service, Middle East 

Marites wields the baton that orchestrates all the last minute challenges on our Middle Eastern events, creating harmony between different RX departments, and always producing a solution to every problem. She is the go-to person for RXers, customers and vendors during build-up and on-site and her dedication and commitment to providing customers with the best possible experience is exemplary. Always available to customers, her passion to help them build their businesses is truly magical.

B is for Brave in the RX NIMBLE culture code because trying something new means having to take risks. Meet seven award-winning RXers whose willingness to try something different in 2022 and learn from the experience, is helping their customers to grow and their colleagues to deliver.

Christophe Robinson, Operations Director, France

Christophe defines brave. As Operations Director for Batimat 2022, he was responsible for planning and overseeing the movement of the world’s largest construction industry trade show and its co-located events from the north of the city to Porte de Versailles in the heart of the capital. Christophe overcame significant logistical challenges, including venue constraints and city-wide traffic and vehicle pollution regulations, by courageously thinking outside the box. From staggered build-up and breakdown schedules, to dedicated traffic flow software and a major logistical plan to encourage some 5,000 visitors to use trains and buses, his solutions were critical to the success of the events, minimising the logistical headache and environmental impact for exhibitors, contractors, and city authorities alike

Camille Bautista, Event Management Co-ordinator, Philippines

As a member of our event co-ordination team in the Philippines, Camille approaches every task she is assigned with courage and conviction – from personally calling and emailing hundreds of VIP delegates from different countries to attend our events, to onboarding new hires so they can quickly become effective members of the team. Confronted by a dissatisfied delegate who was unable to secure a speaking slot at one of our events, Camille met the customer personally to explain why he could not be accommodated. He went on to express his sincere appreciation to Camille for all her hard work and service. Through such simple yet impactful behaviours Camille has become a role model and an inspiration to the rest of her team.

Alex Wang, Assistant Vice President, China

It takes a skilled and courageous leader to maintain team morale and customer communications through a pandemic, and Alex is that leader. As director of our Converting shows in China, his series of events were postponed no less than three times due to COVID preventative measures. After each postponement, one of which required the team to quarantine for seven days, Alex was able to rebuild team confidence and engagement to the extent they scored 92% for motivation in last year’s Employee Opinion Survey. Committed to delivering value for his customers no matter how challenging the circumstances, Alex also championed the launch of enabling them to continue to connect with international buyers while China’s borders were closed for business. Now Alex and his team can’t wait to welcome the global packaging industry to Shanghai from July 12-14 2023 for WEPACK, a mega ‘7 in 1’ event covering the whole packaging industry chain, organised in cooperation with the WPO (World Packaging Organisation).

Abhishek Nautiyal, Operations Manager, India

As Operations Manager, Abhishek is responsible for planning and co-ordinating our event operations in India. His courage and confidence have played a key part in the successful delivery of back-to-back RX shows post-COVID to accommodate previously postponed events. Unphased by a crowded calendar incorporating 2-3 events per month, Abhishek’s ability to keep calm under pressure while letting show teams excel in their tasks is much admired and appreciated. He is respected for his bravery and willingness to take calculated risks to maintain the highest standards of customer experience and safety. And he never says no to a challenge – even stepping up to help with onsite sales if needed!

Andrea Deeley, Head of Content, Australia

Anyone who has worked with Andrea will appreciate her commitment to developing medical content of the highest standard  ̶̶  how she’s always challenging what we do and how we do it, to strive for the best outcome. One notable example is the “Identify and ACT In Obesity Now” event for ThinkGP Live. Having delivered the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) content seven times across Australia in 2022, to over 500 GPs, the eighth and final edition was struck by COVID when two presenters went into isolation just before the event. Andrea quickly pivoted to a hybrid solution ensuring the event was able to go ahead and deliver life changing education for 70 GPs. This wouldn’t have happened without Andrea who did all of this whilst on annual leave. The project was a brave bet in the first place, but Andrea went above and beyond to ensure it was successful.

  Shirley Yan, Senior Sales Manager, China

Thanks to the bravery and assurance of sales manager Shirley, over 100 Chinese exporters were able to generate much-needed business at Expomed Eurasia 2022 in Istanbul, despite not being able to leave their country due to COVID. Shirley was determined to convince her customers of the benefits of remote exhibiting – a new RX product designed to help suppliers continue to connect with international customers during the pandemic. Despite initial reservations, Shirley’s courage and conviction, together with the strong support of the show team, convinced 100+ Chinese suppliers of the benefits of a remote exhibitor package including a digital stand, online product showcase, and One2One and round-table digital meetings. It was the largest remote participation from China to any RX event during COVID, and it was all down to Shirley’s persistence and determination to help her customers and colleagues through this difficult time.

L is for Love of Learning in our NIMBLE culture code because learning is at the heart of every RX event experience. Meet seven extraordinary RXers whose passion for learning, and for sharing their skills and insights, is helping colleagues and customers to pursue their own career ambitions and business goals.    

Bi Liang Liew, Digital Project Executive, Singapore 

Bi Liang has been with RX for five years and in order to progress his career in digital marketing he taught himself HTML and CSS coding and took advanced Adobe design training.  Since then he has been responsible for all web design and development in our Singapore business. He also gladly steps up to support his colleagues in registration and customer services on show days.  In short, Bi Liang’s desire to learn, and willingness to go the extra mile to boost his skills, has enabled him to master all aspects of event marketing and to support show teams and customers across the business.   

Fernanda Fogo, Customer Success Analyst, Brazil 

Fernanda is naturally curious. She started as an HR apprentice in RX Brazil and hasn’t stopped asking questions since, giving her a huge understanding of our business processes. As such, she is now a natural mentor to new joiners with whom she is happy to share her learnings. Always interested in and contributing new ideas, Fernanda single-handedly created and launched our Customer Success Podcast which has become an important exhibitor education tool for our Brazilian show teams. Having never created a podcast before, she sought advice from her event marketing colleagues who had experience of working with third party vendors, researched the best podcast tools, wrote the scripts, and invited specialists from each RX department to contribute and present. So now, thanks to her enthusiasm to take on new challenges, our customers are benefitting from her love of learning too. 

Damaris Elsebach, Digital Marketing Manager, UK 

With over 12 years’ experience working in events, there isn’t much Damaris doesn’t know about digital event marketing; but what makes her an even greater asset to RX is her natural ability to teach and inspire others. As a manager Damaris is always encouraging her team to expand their knowledge and develop their expertise. Rather than telling them what do, she supports them in their own endeavours, daring them to take risks and fail as the best way to learn. And when questions arise, she doesn’t just provide the answer, but always explains the background so that everyone develops a better understanding. In her position as manager, Damaris also regularly seeks feedback to develop her own skills as a leader recognising that this is the best way for her, her team, and her customers to grow.  

Thomas Huang, Senior VP, China  

As Senior VP for RX China with responsibility for major international events such as WEPACK, Thomas believes a willingness to embrace the new is not only key to building a successful career, but also to living a happy and fulfilling life. After Covid, when China finally reopened for business, he shared his passion for learning at RX China’s first post-pandemic townhall meeting, boosting morale and inspiring his colleagues to take control of their own personal and career development. Thomas is generous with his time, and always ready to share his professional skills and experiences across different RX departments. He has even established a book corner and exchange In RX Shanghai, and an online book club for the company’s remote locations, so that he and fellow booklovers can share their joy of reading.  

Christine Gierlinger, Financial Controller, RX Austria & Germany 

Christine exemplifies the wonderful world of continuous learning for herself, her peers, and her business, providing a solid foundation on which our events and show teams can successfully build.  She is always up for a new challenge and does a phenomenal job in preparing herself for every new project or task. She is also a very talented communicator who is committed to keeping our partners and stakeholders aware of new developments and learnings. Christine’s willingness to share her experiences, suggest improvements and motivate her show team colleagues to think outside the box – all while ensuring our financial goals are met – is key to delivering a world-class experience for our exhibitors and visitors, show by show by show.  

Ashley Sabbouh, Campaign Manager, Australia 

Ashley is an amazing asset for RX who is always looking at “what’s new/next, what can I learn, what can I do better?” Despite her busy role as a Campaign Manager, she regularly volunteers for projects outside the scope of her responsibilities to learn more about RX and our digital event tools. Many of these projects require a lot of exploratory work and hands-on execution, but Ashley not only finds the time to learn and progress; she also documents her learnings to enhance future project roll outs. As a Champion for Emperia, our lead generation app, Ashley also loves to go on-site at our shows to ensure a great customer experience and to buddy with new employees on how to do this well.  

 Greg Dionne, Digital Marketing Director, USA 

Greg is one of the most passionate learners you could ever hope to meet. He regularly engages in external training opportunities to develop his skillset and is now pursuing an MBA at the University of Buffalo!  He is also always finding training opportunities for his team to support their growth, development, and talents within their roles. Greg enables our marketing teams to drive brand awareness, lead generation, and registrations through digital advertising, but he also works directly with customers on sponsored opportunities, helping them to build campaigns that will drive ROI and value. At the end of the day, his goal is to help everyone in all aspects of our business drive success through digital marketing advertising.   

E is for Entrepreneurial in the RX NIMBLE culture code because success happens when our people are creative, resourceful, and willing to take chances. Meet six RX event professionals whose entrepreneurial spirit is opening doors for our trade shows, our customers, and their own event careers.

Atomu Shimoda, Event Director, Japan

Atomu spotted a gap in the market and created and launched our Femtech show at RX Japan, leading to a hugely successful event in October 2022.  A man who champions a trade show about female health and goes on to achieve buy-in from over 175 exhibitors shows absolute entrepreneurial spirit.  

Atomu came across an article on the subject of femtech while researching new advanced technologies. “Women have these problems and difficulties every day, and technology can help solve them, so I thought, why not launch a dedicated exhibition?” he explained. He quickly saw the  huge potential for this market; but also that Japan was lagging behind due to long-held taboos around women’s health which make it difficult for women to talk openly about what are perceived in Japan to be ‘delicate’ issues.

Femtech Tokyo was conceived to help to disrupt these outdated ideas and make a significant impact on society by raising awareness about women’s health, driving femtech innovation and empowering women to take control of their wellness. The 2022 edition attracted 14,143 attendees, with over 5,000 joining the seminar sessions.  Femtech Tokyo returns to Tokyo Big Sight from 5-7 October 2023 alongside the newly launched Women’s Mental Health Expo, expanding RX Japan’s mission to promote women's health and empowerment.

Rim Belgacem, Key Account Director, France 

EquipHotel, Paris, is Europe’s leading international hospitality and foodservice event. When the team decided to create a new ‘country focus’ on Italy for 2022, they turned to Rim Belgacem to bring the concept to life. Given ‘carte blanche’ to showcase the very best of Italian design, furniture, tableware, decoration and cuisine, Rim set to work with her usual vision, enthusiasm and determination.

Having worked patiently and tirelessly to build a relationship with the Italian Trade Agency (ITA) over the previous four years, Rim secured its agreement to sponsor five Italian Pavilions featuring some 65 Italian exhibitors. She was then able to integrate these Italian companies in EquipHotel’s digital platforms and matchmaking programmes, to maximize their visibility and contacts with the decision makers attending the show. The inauguration of the Italian pavilions by the new Italian Ambassador in France was a special moment in the presence of all our Italian exhibitors and stakeholders at EquipHotel.

Rim worked very closely with our international sales team in Italy, learning from their experience of the Italian market. With their help she delivered a ‘Made in Italy’ exhibitor trail, enabling attendees to easily find and connect with 140 Italian designers, suppliers and service providers. And understanding that she had to create magical events for her group of Italian clients, the opening cocktail party of EquipHotel was exceptionally renamed “Aperitivo” with free Campari and Italian Spritz for all. Salute Rim!

Bruce Tran, Business Delegation-Marketing, Vietnam 

Decisive, passionate and a great ‘ideas person’, Bruce’s entrepreneurial spirit is evident in every project he is involved in. Whenever he is given a new task or problem, he thinks laterally. Never failing to come up with a solution he regularly achieves beyond expectations.

Asked to assist on a research project into customer needs for an upcoming exhibition, Bruce wasn’t content to reach out to the customers by phone. Instead, he drew up a list of candidates and made appointments to meet with them personally. Discussing their needs directly with the customers resulted in a valuable range of additional insights that helped to inform the event’s forum topics and technology showcases for the benefit of all participants.
On another occasion, tasked to recruit candidates for a welding competition at Metalex 2022, his input not only significantly boosted the number of participants but also secured a sponsor for the event.

Bruce’s greatest strength is his ability to connect people and businesses in a spirit of ‘win, win’ – by putting his customer’s and colleague’s needs first, and working with them to find the most productive way forward for all, he earns their trust and loyalty.

Emma Riley, Global Privacy Programme Manager, UK

In December 2022, RX won the inaugural PICCASO Privacy Award for Best Privacy Culture Improvement, thanks in no small part to Emma Riley. Emma single handily led the creation and deployment of our Global Rights Process from the creation of our Privacy Portal to the delivery of the case management system and the creation of the end-to-end case work management process. This was a significant undertaking given that she needed to design a case work system that allowed for the many different legal jurisdictions we operate in, and a significant list of databases and systems to which RX holds personal data.

So successful has Emma’s input been, that we have gone from a disjointed process of handling privacy rights requests, to having a global process which, for the first time, allows RX to manage rights requests uniformly, provides our CPO with a global view of compliance, and, most importantly, ensures RX is consistently compliant with our legal requirements to the reassurance of our customers. In enabling this, Emma has freed-up unnecessary administration for every business unit globally, so they can get on with supporting our customers and helping them to build their businesses.

Veronica Baker, Head of Event Production, Australia

Veronica exemplifies "entrepreneurial", with her innovative spirit and curiosity to find solutions. When our registration partner abruptly exited the Australian market, RX Australia was left with no option but to launch our new RX Global developed registration system, Mercury, a little earlier than anticipated. Although always a long-term solution, we didn’t anticipate that testing on a few pilot shows would change overnight into a full-scale launch for the entire BU. How lucky we were to have Veronica at the helm, who stepped up to manage this huge, vital project. Thanks to her diligent, creative and consultative leadership, Mercury has since been rolled out on 11 events without a hitch, with five more in the pipeline.

Mercury makes it as easy as possible for our customers to register for, enter, and do business at our events, with its intuitive, mobile-friendly forms, print-at-home badges, QR Code recognition for swift on-site entry and lead capture, and e-commerce functionality. Like every successful entrepreneur, Veronica has always had the mindset of putting the customer first. Throughout the roll-out of Mercury, she kept the customer experience at the forefront of her mind, whilst calmly managing the show team’s expectations and constantly reassuring them throughout the process. In fact, her work is so seamless, that it often goes unnoticed by many in the business – which is why we are so delighted to pay tribute to her here!

Julie Toth, Executive Assistant, USA

To be entrepreneurial you need to have a curious mind, which is something Julie demonstrates on a daily basis. Julie works in our finance department but also supports the business on a much broader level. Working behind the scenes, and regularly offering to help out with anything needed, she is a responsible and accountable teammate. She has stepped up to train new employees on processes, helps with various expenses and invoicing, and regularly gets involved with on and offsite events. She has become the "go to" person for colleagues looking to understand everything around the administrative processes at RX. By helping them to move things along quickly, she leaves them more time to focus on our business and customers. Julie is always stretching herself, curious to find new solutions, has a great sense of business ownership, and never gives up. We are lucky to have her!