New Year, new events career?

New Year, new events career?

Looking to extend your horizons in 2024? RX delivers over 400 events in 22 countries covering everything from travel, beauty and pop culture, to IT, healthcare and renewable energy. Come meet some of our recent joiners, hear what attracted them to work with us, and discover what they love most about their role!

Alexander Cabrera, Operations Manager, Mexico

I saw in RX a great opportunity and a great challenge. It was difficult to leave my comfort zone after many years of living in a deeply rooted corporate culture. However, the idea of being able to share my experiences, learn new ways of doing things, meet new people and continue growing in an international company was a great motivation! Change is always for the better and I have seen that by living and working with such professional people, knowing that I can continue to enrich my experience and enjoy events that leave a mark on our visitors, is the best reward!

Coby Greif, Digital Project Manager, USA

While I haven’t been at RX a full year yet, I am where I was meant to be. Not only are my fellow RXers friendly and fun but their dedication to our shows is inspiring. I am lucky to be a part of the incredible US Digital Team. Every day is a new challenge as we work with the different event teams on integrating our digital products. With my background in marketing and sales, I am always making sure my teams know they can come to me with questions or if they need more data to support their strategies. Recently, I was looped into a sales conversation where my product expertise helped secure a sale of digital incentive offers. I am excited to enhance our events with new tools which make it easier for our attendees to digitally collect the information they seek, whilst also helping exhibitors to increase their visibility, generate more sales leads, and measure their event performance.

Steve Ma, Sales Executive, China

As an exhibition major graduate, I was delighted to join a global exhibition company where I have the opportunity to work with so many outstanding event industry leaders. RX excels at delivering face to face events, has an excellent NIMBLE culture, and is seriously committed to talent development, which will be of great help in developing my skills and career.  As part of my job, I’m lucky to travel to many cities, meeting a wide variety of people from different industries and getting to know their problems and needs. As a sales executive it’s important to understand our customers, their challenges and goals, and RX is a great place to constantly improve my vision and understanding across a broad cross section of markets. Helping customers build their businesses at our events, as efficiently and economically as possible, gives me a great sense of accomplishment.


Isabelle Pfänder, Event Manager, Germany

I have always felt comfortable in the event industry. The diverse experiences and varied tasks in this profession have always appealed to me, and I find them in my work at RX. I am part of a large team, yet I have clearly defined tasks and responsibilities. I appreciate that my work involves both planning in the office and execution on-site during our trade show. I enjoy the process of working hard towards something significant for a year and then seeing it came all come together at my event. It makes me proud to say that it was a success. I also like working in an international company. At RX, I quickly felt that I had found my place. My colleagues are supportive and there is always someone available to answer my questions. I am very happy to be part of RX Germany, and I look forward to the experiences that lie ahead!

Cici Yang, Executive Assistant, China

I think I was destined to be with RX. The company I worked for previously was an exhibitor at AMTS Shanghai, one of RX China’s leading event brands. It was my first job after graduation and after 15 years there I was keen to break out of my comfort zone and explore new horizons. So, when the job offers from RX came, I jumped at it.  Since joining RX in January 2023 as Executive Assistant to the COO I have been given the opportunity to get involved in many different areas of the business, such as joining our APAC Diversity Committee and leading the local I&D team in Shenzhen to promote diversity activities. I also helped to co-ordinate the delivery of the China Future Transportation Industry Development Summit at Automotive World China 2023 which was a great success. And this year, I joined the RX China 2024 kick-off committee helping to deliver an unforgettable meeting and party for all my brilliant colleagues at RX China. It is because of the NIMBLE culture at RX that I can take on challenges like this. NIMBLE encourages us to be Networked, Inclusive, Magical, Brave, have a love of Learning, and be Entrepreneurial.  Most importantly, it encourages me to not only be an Executive Assistant, but to be myself. It is a great honour to be part of RX.


Afroditi Zafeiropoulou, Event Executive, UK

I was looking for a German and English speaking position within a tight knit group that would offer me productive challenges as well as opportunities to learn and grow. From the first interview I liked my manager and from the first day of work I liked my team, which is always a good sign! I work on Inter Airport Europe which takes place in Munich. As our event was due to open just seven weeks after joining, I was short of neither challenges nor opportunities, which still is the case six months in. The RX culture and its people are the main reason I feel so welcomed. I am encouraged to always ask questions, and to develop in my role, and the fact that I can participate in such diverse shows in different countries doesn’t hurt as well!

RX is a great place for ambitious people to grow their careers. If you have a talent for marketing, sales or digital; if you’re excited by the opportunity to create engaging and magical event experiences; if you want to be part of a team in which you can also be yourself; then check out our Careers page. We could have just the role for you.