Meet the Net Zero Heroes who are driving sustainability at RX


Meet the Net Zero Heroes who are driving sustainability at RX

The RX Global Sustainability Council brings together colleagues from around the RX world to champion our sustainability goals, share what works, and engage all our people in our journey to net zero carbon events. We asked some of our Council members to tell us why they were compelled to get involved.

"With sustainability becoming increasingly normalised within society it is time to make it normal in our daily business. Green events are one contribution to the whole sustainability journey for RX, but one with a huge impact on our entire supply chains. Here in Austria, we have achieved a radical rethinking on the side of our clients and visitors. At the beginning of our sustainability journey, we had to convince them ‒ now they are urging us to become even more sustainable which means that our work is bearing fruit. The effort pays off! And I am sure, what works on a small scale also will work on a large scale.”

Susanne Zehntner, Head of Venue Administration and Sustainability, Austria

"Having a 9-year-old daughter and being in this Industry for over 25 years, I want to make a positive impact for our future generations. It is not enough to make amazing events; we need to make sure we minimize the impact to our communities and planet and maintain our leadership in the event industry by being at the forefront of this conversations. Sustainable events are not only about being environmentally savvy, but it is also about adapting ideas for additional revenue streams, minimizing costs, and building a positive reputation for our company. It is about challenging ourselves on how we can reuse, recycle and reduce our footprint in everything we do when connecting businesses."

Hector A Morfin Chong, Head of House & Portfolio Director, Mexico

"I’m motivated by knowing that we are going to have lasting, positive change for our industry and planet. Every day I am inspired by the people I work with – the engagement, the creativity, the adaptability, the innovation. Working together, I am super excited about the impact we will have."

Helen Sheppard, Global Sustainability Director, UK


“I’ve had the pleasure to work within the renewable energy industry for RX since 2010, helping some amazing businesses to build their future whilst also trying to safeguard ours through the decarbonising impact of their ground-breaking solutions. As well as providing them with the best commercial platforms upon which to showcase these solutions, it’s now imperative that we match their own sustainable credentials by ensuring our events operate with as low an environmental impact as possible.  Tackling climate change requires global collaboration and the council exists to do just that from an RX perspective, a chance to share knowledge, learn quickly and accelerate the required impact across all of our events as one business.  It’s a real privilege to be involved in this important work.”

Jonathan Heastie, Energy Portfolio Director, UK

“Sustainability has always been very important to me personally and professionally. I cycle to work, I recycle, I rarely use my printer, I am careful about recycling food and clothing. I am very excited about the idea that sustainability is a corporate value. My contribution is to bring the voice of the customers to our Council, talk about their innovative products and observe what our competitors are doing when it comes to sustainability. Last but not least, the value of sustainability is also a selling point to our customers because many companies prefer suppliers who are attentive to this value.”

Simona Dominici, Global Director of Agent Sales, Italy

“Being part of the RX Sustainability Council has been an important opportunity for me to help drive change in the US BU through collaboration and best practice sharing with global colleagues. While we certainly have a social responsibility to protect our environment, we also have an obligation to our customers and other key stakeholders whose expectations we must strive to meet. The council offers opportunities to impart measurable wins into the business.”    

Mike Grant, Senior Vice President Operations, USA

“It is personally rewarding to serve on the Sustainability Council for many reasons - not least because, with the future of our planet at stake, it’s the right thing to do! As a leader in the event sector RX has a key role to play in driving change through positive action, innovation and influence. RX Australia has been working with a sustainable mindset for a number of years now, developing initiatives that have put us all on the road to change. By coming together as an organisation, and collaborating across our industry, we can make the future for events something we can all be proud of.”

Stephen Steenson, Group Director of Operations and Event Production, Australia