How remote exhibiting is driving international sales


Whilst Covid continues to play havoc with the events industry, preventing large scale physical gatherings in most countries served by RX Global, Japan is once again open for business.

Whilst this is good news for local customers, international exhibitors and visitors are still prevented from physically attending due to widespread travel restrictions. So our Japanese team has responded with an innovative new range of ‘remote exhibiting’ options which enable exhibitors to continue generating vital sales without attending in person.

“Every Japanese event now follows the hybrid model, combining a physical exhibition with a virtual platform” explains Hajime Suzuki, Chief Director, International Sales and Marketing. ”The remote exhibit plan gives exhibitors a virtual booth from which they can reach out to non-attending buyers for video chats and calls, and share product information. They also have a physical booth, manned by a trained interpreter, who engages onsite visitors, hands out samples, collects business cards and connects prospects with remote exhibitors via virtual on-stand meetings.”  

RX Global Japan offers two remote exhibit plans ‒ standard and economy. The standard plan comprises an online meetings service, individual booth and dedicated interpreter, while the economy plan offers an online meeting service, shared booth space and one interpreter between two exhibitors. The also provide a premium sales assisted service to a limited number of existing customers, including phone calls to pre-arrange meetings and post show lead follow up.

Since September, over 200 exhibitors have taken advantage of these packages, and feedback has been excellent with some exhibitors achieving more leads from their remote stands than they achieved themselves at the previous physical event.

Hajime Suzuki puts the success of the remote booths down to several factors. “Our show teams train the interpreters to act on behalf of the international exhibitors who benefit from professional Japanese stand staff. The interpreters also have a virtual pre-show meeting with the exhibitors so that they are fully conversant with each company and its products. Japanese buyers are often hesitant to approach a booth which is manned by foreigners, and this makes it much easier for them to engage.”