A great place to work!


RX Global Brazil has achieved ‘Great Place to Work’ certification for the second year in a row, and continues to increase employee satisfaction, even in the midst of Covid.

Great Place to Work is a global consultancy that supports organizations to achieve better results through a culture of trust, high performance and innovation.  The survey reveals employee attitudes to all aspects of their working life, such as personal development, career development, diversity and inclusion, and quality of life.

RX Brazil first achieved certification in 2019 with 7 out of 10 employees recommending it as a great place to work. This year, the company increased its score to 8 out of 10, even in the midst of Covid. This is a tremendous achievement at any time, but particularly in such a challenging year!

“We learned from our 2019 Great Place to Work accreditation how important transparency of communication is in building understanding, trust and engagement, and this has become even more critical during Covid, with everyone working from home” says Alinne Rosa, HR Director, RX Global Americas. “During the first months of the pandemic, we undertook regular surveys to highlight employees’ key concerns, and addressed them via candid video feedback from our President and leadership teams. Knowing that they were being listened to helped to keep employee morale high.”

The HR team provided regular news updates via their blog on the intranet (texts and videos), and quickly moved all face-to-face training online, including unconscious bias training, psychological safety and mindfulness.  Critically too, they used the surveys to understand how people were coping personally as well as professionally. “The surveys were anonymous. Employees were able to alert us if they were worried about anything and wanted HR to reach out to then privately, so we could help solve it – be it to provide a comfy office chair, or support them with matters relating to their health or mental wellbeing” says Alinne.

One particularly valuable insight from this year’s Great Place to Work survey was a clear link between formal performance feedback sessions and employee engagement. “We saw that employees who had four or more formal feedback sessions per year had 95% satisfaction with the company, compared to 67% for those who had just one session per year” Alinne explains. “This reinforced our belief that the relationship between our leaders and employees is very important in driving engagement, bringing trust and clarity around objectives which was particularly important this year of all years.”

“Another nice thing we noted was that employees from different ethnic minorities and different sexual orientation had the same satisfaction scores as the overall employee score suggesting that our efforts to build a truly diverse workplace are working.” she adds.

Since gaining ‘Great Place to Work’ status Alinne and her team have been sharing their achievement across social media. “Not only is it a great way to recruit new talent, but clients are happy to be associated with a company which is recommended by 8 out of 10 employees, and which is seen to be proactive on diversity, charitable support and career progression,” says Alinne. “Brazil has high levels of social media engagement and our employees are our greatest ambassadors. They regularly share our social media posts in their own channels – we don’t need to incentivise them, it comes from the heart.”