Employee Resource Groups support diversity and inclusion


RX Global, as part of RELX Group, actively encourages an inclusive and diverse workplace. One way we do this is through our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) – independent, voluntary groups of employees who share common interests and want to make a difference in the workplace, and the wider community. 

There are more than 80 such groups across RELX whose members contribute directly to diversity and inclusion in the workplace and the wider community, collaborating across business units and functions. They include groups focused on race, gender, LGBTQ+ and generational interests.

At RX Global we currently have four I&D ERGs – Pride (US), I&D (UK), Outright (UK) and our recently launched Chapter of the African Ancestry Network. We also have ERGs dedicate to wellbeing, sustainability and charitable support. To encourage engagement, all employees are eligible for 16 hours paid time-off per calendar year for employee resource group participation.

Each year, our ERGs come together across RELX to share ideas and experiences, network and collaborate with like-minded people.  This year’s virtual event, held from 13-14 October, attracted over 1500 employees including many from RX Global. They joined the conference from 24 different countries, to hear from more than 60 speakers during 12 hours of broadcasting.

Executive ERG Sponsor, Brenda Gordon, works to promote, help and support the formation of more employee resource groups across RX Global. “Talking to our people around the world it’s clear to me how passionate many of them are, not only about diversity and inclusion, but other important issues which shape our personal and professional lives, such as sustainability, wellbeing and charitable giving” says Brenda, who in her ‘day job’ is Global Director Business Development.

“Establishing or joining an ERG is a great way to support colleagues and make a positive impact, whilst also learning new skills and networking with RX Global and RELX colleagues around the world” she adds.