8 reasons why RX’s Emperia app is the smart choice for event lead capture

8 reasons why RX’s Emperia app is the smart choice for event lead capture

You’re exhibiting at a trade show where you hope to meet many new sales prospects. How can you capture their details and pass the hottest leads to your sales force as quickly as possible, along with all the info you gleaned during your conversations at the show? 

If you are an RX exhibitor, it’s simple. You use Emperia, the badge scanning app from RX. You don’t need any special technology or training. Simply download the app to your Android or Apple mobile and start scanning.

1. Capture leads quicklyeven during busy periods - it takes less than a second to scan a visitor badge with Emperia, so you will have time to collect every lead that visits your stand.


2. Collect accurate contact details so you never lose a lead ‒ there’s nothing more frustrating than writing down a telephone number incorrectly. Emperia uses the contact details  provided during visitor registration so this won’t happen.


3. Qualify your leads in real time – you can view your leads instantly in the mobile app and add notes and star-ratings to prioritise the hottest prospects. You can even create your own survey questions to collect feedback on new product launches or brand promotions.


4. Lead reports can be downloaded any time for fast follow-up by Sales Teams  ‒ we recommend downloading lead reports during the show, or within 48 hours of the show closing, to maximise sales success.


5. See leads from all your stand staff all in one place – lead reports are consolidated to save you time. By selecting the CSV file download you can even upload them to your CRM system.


6. Build customer lists quickly for new product launches and marketing campaigns  – You can even start at the show by sharing brochures, specifications and other digital content to visitors you scan automatically.


7. Visitors who have been scanned get a post-show email to remind them about you  ‒visitors to trade shows receive a lot of information. By scanning them, you can increase your profile and appear in their personalised end-of day email.


8. Emperia is sustainable and saves exhibition costs – printed brochures, business card and contact sheets incur significant cost and waste at trade shows. Emperia supports going paperless by electronically capturing leads and emailing digital content to scanned visitors. 

Seca, the world market leader for medical measuring systems and scales who used Emperia at FIBO 2022 in Cologne to generate sales leads in the global fitness market, commented: “Emperia is super helpful for the sales team and easy to use. You just scan the badge, and the data is immediately there. You don’t need to write down all the customer details or collect their businesses cards and follow up is way easier. We like the data export function because everyone wants the data in their own CRM system and it’s very easy with this functionality. It’s easy to learn too. We didn’t need to train anyone.”

Talk to your RX sales team about Emperia at your next RX event.